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Showing posts with label The Atlantics. Show all posts

Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Atlantics - Discography - 320kbps

One of the greatest instrumental surf groups did not even hail from America. The Atlantics, despite their name, were an Australian combo who not only emulated the sound of California surf music, but ranked among its very best practitioners. Featuring a reverb-heavy, extremely "wet" sound, the Atlantics attacked original material, standards, and movie themes with a nervy blend of precision and over-the-top intensity. As in Dick Dale's music, touches of Middle Eastern influences can be detected in the rhythms of melodies (some members of the group claimed Greek and Egyptian heritage). Their second single, "Bombora," went to the top of the Australian charts in 1963, and the follow-up, "The Crusher," was also a big hit. But Beatlemania spelled commercial death for the Atlantics, as it did for U.S. surf combos, in 1964 and 1965. After several albums and a few more equally fine instrumental singles, the Atlantics became a vocal group in the last half of the '60s, but are most renowned for their instrumental recordings.

Atlantics - The Next Generation
Big City Rock
Flight of the Surf Guitar
Now It's Stompin' Time
Point Zero
The Atlantics the Best Of
The Explosive Sound of The Atlantics

Atlantics - The Next Generation

01 Tube Screamer.mp3
02 Under The Hood.mp3
03 Atlantica.mp3
04 Pipeline.mp3
05 Mission Control.mp3
06 Surfin In Alaska.mp3
07 Barrel Rider.mp3
08 Wipeout.mp3
09 Shark Island.mp3
10 The Crack Of Noon.mp3
11 Bombora The Next generation.mp3
12 Bombora The Nylon Mix.mp3
13 Bombora The Banjo Mix.mp3
14 Bombora The Radio Mix.mp3
15 Blackberry Blossom Stomp.mp3
16 Reef Break Remix.mp3
17 Night Star Remix.mp3

Big City Rock

01 One Last Night.mp3
02 When You're Young.mp3
03 Television Girl.mp3
04 I Can't Help It.mp3
05 Modern Times Girl.mp3
06 Nowhere to Run.mp3
07 Waitin' for My Baby.mp3
08 So Long.mp3
09 Teenage Flu.mp3
10 Big City Rock.mp3


01 Bombora.mp3
02 Adventures In Paradise.mp3
03 The Gremlin King.mp3
04 Dark Eyes.mp3
05 Glassy Walls.mp3
06 Turista.mp3
07 Surfer's Paradise.mp3
08 Bluebottles.mp3
09 The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise.mp3
10 Free Fall.mp3
11 Greensleeves.mp3
12 Moon Man.mp3


01 The Good the Bad and the Ugly.mp3
02 Chantilly Lace.mp3
03 Tequila Slammer.mp3
04 One More Summer.mp3
05 It's A Hard Life.mp3
06 Ticket To Rio.mp3
07 Superstar.mp3
08 I Put A Spell On You.mp3
09 Flowers.mp3
10 Cossack Beach.mp3
11 Aquarius.mp3
12 Come On.mp3
13 The Crack of Noon.mp3
14 Take A Trip.mp3

Flight of the Surf Guitar

01 Flight of the Surf Guitar.mp3
02 Surfs Up.mp3
03 Big Swell.mp3
04 In the Shadows.mp3
05 Thunder Down Under.mp3
06 Reef Ride.mp3
07 Surfin The Net.mp3
08 Dawn Patrol.mp3
09 Bondi James.mp3
10 Whitewash.mp3
11 Freakout.mp3
12 Saturday Night.mp3
13 Atlantic Echo.mp3
14 Bombora.mp3
15 Rumble and Run.mp3
16 The Crusher.mp3
17 Night Star.mp3

Now It's Stompin' Time

01 The Crusher.mp3
02 Coral Island.mp3
03 Tequilla Stomp.mp3
04 Tahitian Waters.mp3
05 Teddy Bear's Picnic Stomp.mp3
06 Hootenanny Stomp.mp3
07 The Gremlin from the Kremlin.mp3
08 Shark Attack.mp3
09 SOS (Stomp On Stomp).mp3
10 Stompede.mp3
11 Arabian Surf.mp3
12 Stomping Time.mp3
13 Rumble and Run.mp3
14 Peter Gunn.mp3
15 Teensville.mp3

Point Zero

01 Point Zero.mp3
02 Gatecrasher.mp3
03 Beatbuster.mp3
04 Warp 5.mp3
05 Chatterbox.mp3
06 Blond Street.mp3
07 Return of the Dolphins.mp3
08 Transatlantic.mp3
09 Sandbar Blues.mp3
10 Fez.mp3
11 Urban Surf.mp3
12 Hawaii Five-O.mp3
13 Surf A Go Go.mp3
14 After The storm.mp3

The Atlantics the Best Of

01 Bombora.mp3
02 Mirage.mp3
03 Reef Break.mp3
04 Surfers Paradise.mp3
05 In the Shadows.mp3
06 Moon Man.mp3
07 The Crusher.mp3
08 Gremlin From the Kremlin.mp3
09 Bluebottles.mp3
10 Transatlantic.mp3
11 Glassy Walls.mp3
12 Flight of the Surf Guitar.mp3
13 Giant.mp3
14 Teddy Bears Picnic.mp3
15 Rumble and Run.mp3
16 Greensleeves.mp3
17 Point Zero.mp3
18 Gatecrasher.mp3
19 Shark Attack.mp3
20 War of the Worlds.mp3
21 Night Star.mp3
22 Atlantica.mp3
23 Stompin Time.mp3
24 Warp 5.mp3
25 Saturday Night.mp3

The Explosive Sound of The Atlantics

01 Dimitrius.mp3
02 Express to Bagdad.mp3
03 Secret of Love.mp3
04 The Sheriff of Nottingham.mp3
05 Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White.mp3
06 The Bow Man.mp3
07 The Lost Legion.mp3
08 Windward.mp3
09 Rondo a La Turk.mp3
10 On the Rampage.mp3
11 Three Coins in a Fountain.mp3
12 War Of the Worlds.mp3
13 Giant.mp3
14 Mirage.mp3
15 Goldfinger.mp3
16 Bumble Boogie.mp3
17 Chief Wooping-Koff.mp3