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Showing posts with label Gary Lewis and The Playboys. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Gary Lewis and The Playboys. Show all posts

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Gary Lewis and The Playboys - Discography - 320kbps

Gary Lewis & the Playboys were an American 1960s era pop and rock group, fronted by musician Gary Lewis, the son of comedian Jerry Lewis. They are best known for their 1965 Billboard Hot 100 number-one single "This Diamond Ring", which was the first of a string of hit singles they had in 1965 and 1966.

Everybody Loves A Clown

Quality: 320kbps - MP3
Size: 71mb

01 Everybody Loves A Clown.mp3
02 Mr. Blue.mp3
03 Chip Chip.mp3
04 I Gotta Find Cupid.mp3
05 Let Me Tell Your Fortune.mp3
06 ('Til) I Kissed You.mp3
07 Tossin' And Turnin'.mp3
08 My Special Angel.mp3
09 We'll Work It Out.mp3
10 Sha La La.mp3
11 Time Stands Still.mp3
12 Dreaming.mp3

Liberty Singles Collection

Quality: 320kbps - MP3
Size: 242mb

01 This Diamond Ring.mp3
02 Hard To Find (Remastered).mp3
03 Tijuana Wedding (Remastered).mp3
04 Count Me In.mp3
05 Little Miss Go-Go (Remastered).mp3
06 Doin' The Flake.mp3
07 Save Your Heart For Me.mp3
08 Without A Word Of Warning (Remastered).mp3
09 Everybody Loves A Clown.mp3
10 Time Stands Still.mp3
11 She's Just My Style.mp3
12 I Won't Make That Mistake Again.mp3
13 Sure Gonna Miss Her.mp3
14 I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight.mp3
15 Green Grass.mp3
16 I Can Read Between The Lines.mp3
17 My Heart's A Symphony.mp3
18 Tina (I Held You In My Arms).mp3
19 (You Don't Have To) Paint Me A Picture.mp3
20 Looking For The Stars.mp3
21 Way Way Out.mp3
22 Down On The Sloop John B.mp3

01 Where Will The Words Come From.mp3
02 May The Best Man Win.mp3
03 The Loser (With A Broken Heart).mp3
04 Ice Melts In The Sun.mp3
05 Girls In Love.mp3
06 Let's Be More Than Friends.mp3
07 Jill.mp3
08 New In Town.mp3
09 Has She Got The Nicest Eyes.mp3
10 Happiness.mp3
11 Sealed With A Kiss.mp3
12 Sara Jane.mp3
13 Main Street.mp3
14 C.C. Rider.mp3
15 Mister Memory.mp3
16 Every Day I Have To Cry Some.mp3
17 Rhythm of the Rain.mp3
18 Hayride.mp3
19 Gary's Groove.mp3
20 Something Is Wrong.mp3
21 I Saw Elvis Presley Last Night.mp3
22 I'm On The Right Road Now.mp3
23 Great Balls Of Fire.mp3


Quality: 320kbps - MP3
Size: 69mb

01 Young Girl.mp3
02 Sealed With A Kiss (Remastered).mp3
03 Windy.mp3
04 What Am I Gonna Do.mp3
05 I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight.mp3
06 Pretty Thing.mp3
07 Judy In Disguise (With Glasses).mp3
08 Elusive Butterfly.mp3
09 How Can I Thank You.mp3
10 Sara Jane.mp3
11 Sunny.mp3

She's Just My Style

Quality: 320kbps - MP3
Size: 75mb

01 She's Just My Style.mp3
02 Lies.mp3
03 All I Have To Do Is Dream.mp3
04 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away.mp3
05 I Won't Make That Mistake Again.mp3
06 A Hundred Pounds Of Clay.mp3
07 Run For Your Life.mp3
08 Take Good Care Of My Baby.mp3
09 Down In The Boondocks.mp3
10 You Didn't Have To Be So Nice.mp3
11 Someone I Used To Know.mp3
12 Heart Full Of Soul.mp3

The Best Of Gary Lewis And The Playboys

Quality: 320kbps - MP3
Size: 59mb

01 This Diamond Ring.mp3
02 Count Me In (Remastered).mp3
03 She's Just My Style.mp3
04 Save Your Heart For Me.mp3
05 Everybody Loves A Clown.mp3
06 Sure Gonna Miss Her (Remastered).mp3
07 Green Grass (Remastered).mp3
08 My Heart's A Symphony (Remastered).mp3
09 Jill (Remastered).mp3
10 Sealed With A Kiss (Remastered).mp3

This Diamond Ring

Quality: 320kbps - MP3
Size: 66mb

01 This Diamond Ring.mp3
02 Dream Lover.mp3
03 All Day And All Of The Night.mp3
04 Forget Him.mp3
05 Needles And Pins.mp3
06 Love Potion #9.mp3
07 Keep Searchin'.mp3
08 The Birds And The Bees.mp3
09 Sweet Little Rock And Roller.mp3
10 Go To Him.mp3
11 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.mp3
12 The Best Man.mp3