Saturday, September 2, 2023

Townes Van Zandt [R.I.P.] - Discography

 Townes Van Zandt  -  Discography

Born: March 7, 1944 - Died: January 1, 1997
John Townes Van Zandt was an American singer-songwriter. He wrote numerous songs, such as "Pancho and Lefty", "For the Sake of the Song", "If I Needed You", "Tecumseh Valley", "Tower Song", "Rex's Blues", and "To Live Is to Fly", that are widely considered masterpieces of American songwriting.

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Rhodb said...

Thanks Ozzie for the Townes shares. He was a real talent his song writing could be depressing at times (Marie ) but he always painted a pictures with his words. Great work

Jeff said...

One of my absolute favorite artists, thanks very much for this.