Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Rod Stewart - Discography

 Rod Stewart - Discography

Born: January 10, 1945
Over the course of his career, Rod Stewart has been lauded as the finest singer of his generation; he's written several songs that turned into modern standards; he's sung with the Faces, who rivaled the Rolling Stones in their prime; and he's had massive commercial success. He's one of rock & roll's best interpretive singers as well as an accomplished, innovative songwriter whose work created a raw, loose, and charming combination of folk, rock, blues, and country.

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Haggisattack. said...

Thanks for all the old Rod stuff. Takes me back to a better time.

Rhodb said...

Thanks Ozzie for the Rod Stewart shares. I love the early Rod Stewart albums Truth Gasoline Alley

Great work once again

Ozzieguy said...

Thank you Rhodb for your nice message.

roosen jp said...

long live RS-THX A Lot