Saturday, November 5, 2022

The Stylistics - Discography [320kbps Bitrate]

The Stylistics - Discography 

In 1966, “The Stylistics” was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by combining local high school rivel singing groups, "The Percussions" and "The Monarchs". When members from each of the groups answered the then United States draft call and higher education endeavors after graduation, the remaining members under the guidance of English teacher, Beverly Hamilton joined forces and officially created the name “The Stylistics".
After working locally a few years in Pennsylvania’s tri-state vicinity, the group was approached by Bill Perry, a local record company executive. Bill approached the group and asked if they would be interested in making a studio recording, and with no hesitation, they jumped at his offer. Finally, the group’s ultimate dream had come true.
All Albums are 320kbps Bitrate

1972 - Round 2

1973 - Rockin' Roll Baby


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