Thursday, August 25, 2022

Jean Shepard [RIP] - Discography

Jean Shepard 

Born: November 21, 1933 - Died: September 25, 2016

Jean Shepard (born November 21, 1933, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, USA – died September 25, 2016) was an American country and honky tonk singer-songwriter. She was a pioneer for women in country music. In 2011, she was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and on November 21, 2015, Shepard became the first female to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry for 60 consecutive years.

1996 - Melody Ranch Girl

Vol.01 - Vol.02 - Vol.03 - Vol.04 - Vol.05

2021 - A Dear John Letter - Singles Collection 1953-62

CD01 - CD02


fulvio said...

thank you

Ozzieguy said...

Very welcome fulvio.
Enjoy the wonderful music of Jean, she was beautiful.

fulvio said...

It's the music I've always loved. Great blog and great music

Ron said...

Thanks for the Great uploads

Ron said...

Ron18 Thank you for these great uploads

Ozzieguy said...

Very welcome Ron.

Ismail-Hassan said...

Jean Shepard it an offer i can't refuse! :)
really thanks bro for all your efforts
and PLZ don't forget (matt monro - perry como) discographies..

Ozzieguy said...

Hello Ismail-Hassan
Thank you for your note and yes!

alanmking said...

Thanks for Jean Shepard Ozzieguy.
I have been able to upgrade a few in my collection
and added a few more.
Very much appreciated

Ozzieguy said...

Very welcome Alan, enjoy the lovely music.

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flyingfinger said...

Just now saw your excellent blog, Jean Shepherd sure had a batch of albums, thanks!!

Ozzieguy said...

Thank you flyingfinger.