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Hank Marvin - Discography

Hank Marvin - Discography 

Hank Brian Marvin (born 28 October 1941), also known as Hank B. Marvin, is an English multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter. He is best known as the lead guitarist for the Shadows, a group which primarily performed instrumentals and was the backing band for Cliff Richard. Marvin uses a clean guitar sound with a Vox amplifier and often used significant amounts of reverb and/or delay effect for songs like "Apache" and "Wonderful Land". He also developed a distinctive way of using the guitar's vibrato to give a "dreamy feel" to his playing. Many leading British and Canadian rock guitarists cite Marvin as an influence on them.
A totally brilliant guitarist.

1973 - Hank Marvin & John Farrar

1983 -All Alone with Friends

1992 - Into the Light

1993 - Heartbeat

1995 - Hank Plays Cliff

1996 - Hank Plays Holly

1997 - Hank Plays Live

1998 - Another Side of Hank Marvin

2000 - Marvin At The Movies

2002 - Guitar Player

2007 - Guitar Man

2010 - Words And Music & All Alone With Friends

2014 - Hank

2017 - Without a Word

2019 - Gold
CD01 - CD02 - CD03


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