Saturday, May 14, 2022

The Rajahs [Aust] - Collection

 The Rajahs

Sydney band that evolved from Dig Richards & The R'Jays, influenced on their own records by Beatlemania. After parting with Dig Richards, the band became Johnny O'Keefe's backing band for a time before establishing themselves as an independent act in the wake of Beatlemania. It was JO'K who suggested their name change to The Rajahs in 1964 and their adoption of turbans as part of their stage gear.

Lindsay King (guitar vocals)  John Hayton (guitar vocals),
Mike Lawler (bass vocals)  Leon Isackson (drums)


rockindoc said...

Blast from the past .......

Ozzieguy said...

Yes Rocindoc, and am going through my Australian Albums right now and will be placing more when I finish searching.