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Ronnie Burns [Aust Artist] - Discography 320Kbps Bitrate

 Ronnie Burns - Discography

Ronnie is an Australian rock singer-songwriter and musician. He fronted the Melbourne band “The Flies” in the early 1960s, followed by a solo career into the 1970s and was a member of Burns Cotton & Morris in the 1990s. He retired from performing in 2000. His solo hit single, “Smiley” peaked at number two on the Go-Set National Top 40 in 1970. On 10 June 2013 Ronnie was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia with the citation “For significant service to the community, particularly to children recovering from illness and trauma, and to the entertainment industry”.  Best known for a handful of mid-'60s singles written for him by the Bee Gees, Ronnie carved out a successful career in Australia during that tumultuous decade and into the early '70s as a versatile singer of songs that ranged from Baroque pop to gentle protest ballads.

1965 - The Flies [E.P]

1966 - Coalman [E.P]

1966 - This Is Ronnie Burns [E.P]

1967 - Exit Stage Right-In The Morning  [E.P]

1967 - Ronnie

1967 - We Had A Good Thing Goin' [E.P]

1968 - When I Was Six Years Old [E.P]

1969 - Age Of Consent [EP]

1970 - Smiley [EP]

1970 - Smiley [Album]

1971 - Prophet [E.P]

1971 - The Best Of Ronnie Burns

1977 - Listen To The Band

1994 - Enter Stage Left

2019 - This Is Ronnie Burns [Album]


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