Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Steppenwolf - Discography - 320kbps Bitrate

Steppenwolf - Discography 

Steppenwolf were one of the pioneering bands of American hard rock, conjuring the roaring sound of a biker gang laying claim to the highway on hits like "Born to be Wild" and "Magic Carpet Ride." Like most early hard rock acts, Steppenwolf's approach was steeped in the blues, but with an added level of lyrical swagger and a full-bodied attack that added hints of acid rock. The key elements of their sound were the rough, throaty vocals of leader John Kay, the hard, barking tone of the eclectic guitar, and the thick, muscular voice of the overdriven electric organ. While wild good times informed most of their hits, as their career went on they shifted their focus to more serious themes, including politics, militarism, feminism, and the environment.


Anonymous said...

Now,Kay has shaved off his stache And has now gone clean shaven.