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Bobby Goldsboro - Discography


Best remembered for his 1968 chart-topper, "Honey," singer/songwriter Bobby Goldsboro was born January 18, 1941 in Marianna, FL. After relocating to Dothan, AL, while in his teens, he went on to study at Auburn University, quitting school after his sophomore year to pursue music full-time. During the early '60s, Goldsboro played guitar in Roy Orbison's backing band, mounting a solo career in early 1964 and soon scoring a Top Ten hit with the self-penned "See the Funny Little Clown." His sophisticated yet sentimental vocal style yielded Top 40 entries throughout the middle of the decade, among them "Whenever He Holds You," "Little Things," "Voodoo Woman," "It's Too Late," and "Blue Autumn"; though Goldsboro primarily wrote and recorded his own material, he also notched a minor hit with the Burt Bacharach/Hal David novelty "Me Japanese Boy I Love You." "Honey," a maudlin tale about the tragic death of a young bride, remained at number one for five weeks in the spring of 1968, reaching the number two spot in the U.K. soon after and falling just shy of the top spot upon re-entering the British charts in 1975.

1964 - I Can't Stop Loving You

1964 - The Bobby Goldsboro Album

1965 - Broomstick Cowboy

1965 - Little Things

1966 - Blue Autumn

1966 - It's Too Late

1967 - Our Way Of Life (With Del Reeves)

1967 - Solid Goldsboro - Bobby Goldsboro's Greatest Hits

1967 - The Romantic Whacky Soulful Rockin' Country Bobby Goldsboro

1968 - Honey

1968 - Word Pictures

1969 - Muddy Mississippi Line

1969 - The Voice Of Honey

1969 - This Is Bobby Goldsboro

1969 - Today

1970 - Bobby Goldsboro's Greatest Hits

1970 - Pledge Of Love

1970 - We Gotta Start Lovin'

1971 - Autumn Of My Life

1971 - Best Album

1971 - Come Back Home

1972 - California Wine

1972 - Doral Presents Bobby Goldsboro

1973 - Brand New Kind Of Love

1973 - Summer (The First Time)

1974 - Bobby Goldsboro's 10th Anniversary Album (2LP Set)
CD01 - CD02

1974 - Hello Summertime

1974 - The Story Of Pop

1975 - I Believe In Music

1975 - Through The Eyes Of A Man

1976 - A Butterfly For Bucky

1977 - Goldsboro

1977 - Goldsboro Gold - 20 Of His Greatest

1978 - Greatest Hits Of Bobby Goldsboro

1978 - The Best Of Bobby Goldsboro

1980 - Love Songs

1981 - Bobby Goldsboro

1982 - Round Up Saloon

1985 - Golden Hits

1986 - Goldsboro Gold - The Best Of Bobby Goldsboro

1990 - All-Time Greatest Hits

2005 - Brand New Kind Of Love


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Pete Cost said...

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Thanks for everything and keep up the awesome work.
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Michael lB. said...

A side note: Honey was titled Pledge Of Love originally but the hit happened causing the retitling of the 1968 album,the Sunset album got the title instead.

adilson said...

Excelente esta discografia ,espero poder encontrar outras,muito bom gosto,parabens.

Ozzieguy said...

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