Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Bill Withers [RIP] - Discography


Born: July 4, 1938 - Died: March 30, 2020

Few singers have possessed a baritone as rich and comforting as that of Bill Withers. Even smaller in number are the songwriters who have shared the West Virginian's natural ability to articulate a comprehensive range of emotions and perspectives -- jubilation and gratitude, jealousy, and spite -- with maximal levels of conviction and concision. Late to arrive, the everyman R&B paragon had just turned 33 when "Ain't No Sunshine," the unfading ballad off Just as I Am (1971), made him a sudden and unlikely success story, within one year an aircraft mechanic-turned-million-selling, Grammy-winning artist. Through the next ten years, Withers continued to meld soul, gospel, folk, and funk with rare finesse. He collected more gold singles with "Lean on Me" and "Use Me," both off the similarly successful Still Bill (1972), reached the same height with Menagerie (1977), led by "Lovely Day," and was handed a second Grammy for "Just the Two of Us" (1981), his collaboration with Grover Washington, Jr. Early to leave, Withers made his last statement with Watching You Watching Me (1985), closing a songbook that has served as a bountiful resource for artists from a multitude of stylistic persuasions. Given his flowers before his death at the age of 81, Withers was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

1971 - Just As I Am

1971 - Stay For Happiness (Live)

1972 - Still Bill

1973 - Bill Withers Live At Carnegie Hall

1974 - +'Justments

1975 - Making Music

1975 - The Best Of Bill Withers

1975 - This Is Bill Withers

1976 - Black Magic

1976 - Naked & Warm

1977 - 20 Best Of Bill Withers

1977 - Menagerie

1978 - 'Bout Love

1978 - Simply Bill Withers-A Collection Of His Music

1980 - The Best Of Bill Withers

1981 - Bill Withers' Greatest Hits

1985 - Watching You Watching Me

1994 - Lean on Me_ The Best of Bill Withers

1997 - Ain't No Sunshine


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