Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Bill Medley - Discography


Medley was born on September 19, 1940 in Santa Ana, California, to Arnol and Irma Medley.
He attended Santa Ana High School and graduated in 1962. Medley was raised as a Presbyterian and started singing in a church choir.  His parents had a swing band.  He became interested in R&B music listening to black music radio stations.  An early influence he cited is Little Richard whom he first heard when he was fifteen or sixteen years old, and later Ray Charles, Bobby Bland, and B.B. King.
Medley first formed a singing duo called The Romancers with his friend Don Fiduccia, who also played the guitar. He began to write songs and record multi-track recordings in his living room.  At 19, he had two songs, "Womaling" and "Chimes of My Heart", recorded by vocal group The Diamonds.  Medley and Fiduccia then formed a group called The Paramours in 1960, with Sal Fasulo and Nick Tuturro, later joined by Mike Rider and Barry Rillera. The band had its first paying gig at Little Italy restaurant in Anaheim, California. The Paramours was signed to Mercury Records' subsidiary label Smash Records, and released songs such as "That's The Way We Love" and "Miss Social Climber" in 1961.


1969 Soft And Soulful

1969 Someone Is Standing Outside

1970 Gone

1970 Nobody Knows

1970 Starportrait

1971 A Song For You

1973 Smile

1978 Lay A Little Lovin' On Me

1981 Sweet Thunder

1982 Right Here And Now

1984 Still I Do

1985 Still Hung Up On You

1988 The Best Of

1991 Blue Eyed Singer

1991 Unchained

1992 Going Home

1996 Christmas Memories

2004 Your Heart To Mine - Dedicated To The Blues

2007 Damn Near Righteous


Aussie said...

thank you so much for Bill Medley great upload

sambgodot said...

Thank you so much - I've been searching for those late 70s/80s LPs for a long time, impossible to find till now. Fantastic.

Ozzieguy said...

Very welcome my friend.

Ozzieguy said...

Hello sambgodot.
Am glad that I am able to help you with my collection of his albums which I purchased many years ago :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for these Bill Medley albums. I saw him at the Silver Spade Room c.1970...it was absolutely brilliant. At the end of his show every male in the room were standing on the chairs and all the females were on the tables, all cheering, clapping and jumping up and down.

Ozzieguy said...

Wow awesome, I would have loved to see him personally also.
He is a very entertainer.

Laurel T said...

Thanks so much! Filled in some gaps in my collection. I saw Bill Medlegy in concert last week, and he’s still got it!

Laurel T said...

Thanks so much! Filled in some gaps in my collection. I saw Bill Medlegy in concert last week, and he’s still got it!