Saturday, September 25, 2021

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Discography - 320kbps Bitrate


Singer/songwriter Gilbert O'Sullivan successfully combined a flair for Beatlesque popcraft with an old-fashioned music hall sensibility to emerge as one of the most distinctive and popular new performers of the early 1970s. Born Raymond O'Sullivan in Waterford, Ireland on December 1, 1946, he went on to attend art school in Swindon, England, writing songs throughout his formative years and sending out demo tapes to little avail. After graduating he went to work in a London department store; one of his co-workers there was under contract with CBS, and soon O'Sullivan was signed to the label as well. Early singles like "What Can I Do?" and "Mr. Moody's Garden" were released to little attention, however, and so O'Sullivan sent his demo to impresario Gordon Mills, whose MAM label was home to superstars like Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck; the gambit worked, and his first single for MAM, "Nothing Rhymed," became a Top Ten U.K. hit in late 1970.

2004 - Caricature

2016 - The Essential Collection


  1. Thanks for posting Gilbert o' Sullivan Ozzieguy x

  2. Amazing collection. That Latin one that takes the piss out of Peggy Lee's album cover is hilarious.

  3. "Alone again.." is one of those rare songs that transcends its time to become a true standard, heard everywhere. It must be something of incredible satisfaction to achieve that feat for any songwriter.

  4. Thank You so much for sharing. I hadn't known there was so much Gilbert O'Sullivan music. Lots of new tunes to check out. Truly appreciated.

    1. Hello GoodMD,
      I hope that you doing well and staying safe and yes Gilbert has some great music. Am glad that you enjoy what I am sharing my friend.
      Best Wishes

  5. Mr O'Sullivan stands out as gifted singer/songwriter with
    a unique vocal cadence. A favorite for sure. Thank you OG.
    All of his recent output is new to me, so I'll enjoy that.

    1. Hello
      Oh you will enjoy his music, it is great!

  6. Forgot something... I was very happy to see that you included Booklets in some cases as those (when available) are an important part of the release, informative, and usually helpful in better appreciating the music therein.
    Big Thanks OG!