Friday, July 2, 2021

Larry Finnegan [RIP] - Discography - 320kbps Bitrate


Born: August 10, 1938 - Died: July 22, 1973
Finnegan nearly reached the Top 10 in 1962 with a single called ‘Dear One’, but never had another hit. Having studied several instruments in his youth, Finnegan and his brother Vinnie co-wrote the song that would put him on the charts in 1961. He recorded a demo of the song on his own and took it to Hy Weiss of Old Town Records, who then signed him. The up-tempo country song ultimately reached number 11 in early 1962, but follow-up attempts failed, and in 1966 Finnegan moved to Sweden, where he started his own record label, Svensk-American. He then moved on to Switzerland and came back to the USA in 1970, where he died of a brain tumour in 1973.

Dear One, Komm doch zu mir

Greatest Hits

The Best Of Larry Finnegan

True American Rock & Roll

I am sorry that #08 You Don't Need Me &  #11 Shutters And Boards  are missing from the album due to my CD having some scratches. I have shared the rest of it though.


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