Tuesday, June 8, 2021

MPD Ltd [Australian Artist] - Discography


Mike Brady, Peter Watson and Danny Finley.

A short but sensational time in the spotlight ... a dynamic, gymnastic stage routine ... a spearhead act for the legendary Go!! label ... some incendiary singles ... such are the hallmarks by which we fondly remember the great beat trio that was MPD Ltd.

Formed in 1965, MPD Ltd arrived at their handle by combining the first name initials of core members Mike Brady, Pete Watson and Danny Finley. The "Ltd" appendage is also appropriate, since this band enjoyed only a short spell, albeit a very exciting and successful one while it lasted.

The band's meteoric rise to popularity is a classic example of serendipitous timing. With really only their friends The Easybeats to be considered as serious rivals, MPD Ltd emerged in a scene which saw The Aztecs embrace a decidedly MOR sound, The Whispers beginning to founder and stagnate, and exciting and innovative new bands like The Twilights and The Masters Apprentices yet to appear on the national musical horizon.

English-born bassist Pete Watson had for some time been a member of the venerable Melbourne instrumental outfit The Phantoms when, by one of those strange quirks of fate, the precocious fifteen year old amateur Mike Brady (also a British immigrant). Mike was playing with a high-school combo called The Hearsemen when he answered an ad for the position of guitarist. The Phantoms were looking for a temporary replacement for guitarist Dave Lincoln, who was on the sick-list, and Mike secured the gig.

The Legendary GO Recordings

The Wild Side of Life