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Terry Dene - Discography


Terry Dene (born Terence Williams) was one of the most promising rock & rollers of pre-Beatles England. With a recording contract with Decca UK and a regular spot on BBC-TV's first pop television show, Six 5 Special, Dene seemed to be on the verge of stardom. His first three singles reached the British Top 20. Dene's potential for success was severely damaged, however, by a series of self-imposed mishaps. Arrested for public drunkenness and vandalism in 1958, Dene was cited by the British media as an example of the "evil" of rock & roll. His mental health was considered to have plummeted after being drafted into the British national service. Discharged on psychological grounds after two months, he found his career in ruins. Although he appeared in a film, The Golden Disc, and joined Larry Parnes' stable of stars, he was unable to recapture the momentum and faded from the pop scene.


The Real Terry Dene

The Singles Collection

The Terry Dene Story, Vol. 1

A01 -   Terry Dene  A White Sports Coat ( And A Pink Carnation )
A02 -   Terry Dene  Start Movin`
A03 -   Terry Dene  C´Min And Be Loved
A04 -   Terry Dene  Bimbombey
A05 -   Terry Dene  Come and Get It
A06 -   Terry Dene  Lover, Lover
A07 -   Terry Dene   This is the night
A08 -   Terry Dene  Baby, She`s Gone
A09 -   Terry Dene  The Stairway of Love
A10 -   Terry Dene   Pretty Little Pearly
B01 -   Terry Dene  Charm
B02 -   Terry Dene  Teenage Dream
B03 -   Terry Dene  The Man in the Phone Booth
B04 -   Terry Dene  The Golden Age
B05 -   Terry Dene   Seven Steps to Love
B06 -   Terry Dene  Now And Always
B07 -   Terry Dene  Careles Hands
B08 -   Terry Dene   I've Come of Age
B09 -   Terry Dene  A Boy Without A Girl
B10 -   Terry Dene  Thank You Pretty Baby


Tom said...

Hello Ozzieguy, many many thanks for your fast action and offer for Terry Dene!! It is great!!! One question.On an cassette-which is no mor playing-I had the LP Terry Dene Story Vol 1"
on this LP was one good track---Now and alwys which not apperas on all CDs there are.Do you have perhaps the LP and can offer it too?? Thanks a lot!! Many greetings Tom

Ozzieguy said...

Hello Tom
Sorry all I have to offer is here now. I do have 5 other albums but are all damaged and cannot be copied to share.
Once again sorry mate.

Aussie said...


Dusty said...

One more Terry Dene
Terry Dene And The Dene Aces – The Real Terry Dene

Ozzieguy said...

Hello Aussie
Very welcome my friend, I am sorry that I am unable to share 5 other albums due to them all be damaged :-(
Best Wishes

Ozzieguy said...

WOW, many thanks Dusty, I truly appreciate your kindness in sharing this album. May I upload it to my collection please, and place onto the discography here?
Many thanks again Dusty.
Best Wishes

Dusty said...

Fine with me mate

Here is the LP that Tom was asking for

there i 2 tracks Now and Always & careless Hands you cant find on other LP/CD

Ozzieguy said...

WOW thanks again Dusty for your generosity mate.
I truly appreciate it.

Dusty said...

4 more

Terry Dene / London Rock


Soundtrack to the movie the Golden Disc

and the movie B/W from 1958

Ozzieguy said...

Ohhhh Dusty, many thanks mate, I truly appreciate your kindness in helping me.
Best Wishes