Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Etta James [RIP] - Discography


Born: January 25, 1938 - Died: January 20, 2012

Etta James was born Jamesetta Hawkins in Los Angeles, California on January 25, 1938; her mother was just 14 years old at the time, and she never knew her father, though she would later say she had reason to believe he was the well-known pool hustler Minnesota Fats. James was raised by friends and relatives instead of her mother through most of her childhood, and it was while she was living with her grandparents that she began regularly attending a Baptist church. James' voice made her a natural for the choir, and despite her young age she became a soloist with the group, and appeared with them on local radio broadcasts. At the age of 12, after the death of her foster mother, James found herself living with her mother in San Francisco, and with little adult supervision, she began to slide into juvenile delinquency. But James' love of music was also growing stronger, and with a pair of friends she formed a singing group called the Creolettes. The girls attracted the attention of famed bandleader Johnny Otis, and when he heard their song "Roll with Me Henry" -- a racy answer song to Hank Ballard's infamous "Work with Me Annie" -- he arranged for them to sign with Modern Records, and the Creolettes cut the tune under the name the Peaches (the new handle coming from Etta's longtime nickname). "Roll with Me Henry," renamed "The Wallflower," became a hit in 1955, though Georgia Gibbs would score a bigger success with her cover version, much to Etta's dismay. After charting with a second R&B hit, "Good Rockin' Daddy," the Peaches broke up and James stepped out on her own.

In 2010, James was hospitalized with MRSA-related infections, and it was revealed that she had received treatment for dependence on painkillers and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, which her son claimed was the likely cause of her outbursts regarding Knowles. James released The Dreamer, for Verve Forecast in 2011. She claimed it was her final album of new material. Etta James was diagnosed with terminal leukemia later that year, and died on January 20, 2012 in Riverside, California at the age of 73.


ilm said...

1978 Deep In The Night link is dead.

LOFC said...

Wow! Great stuff. Saw Etta in London in the 80's. A legend. I have the vinyl of Deep In The Night but the link is not working here that album. Can you fix please?
Many thanks once again.

Ozzieguy said...

Hello ilm
All fixed, thank you for notifying me.

Ozzieguy said...

Hi there LOFC,
Nice to hear from you again. I have fixed the link and many thanks for letting me know.
Best Wishes

Berni said...

I just came across your blog and have been snagging tons of stuff. Thanks so much for all your work!

Ozzieguy said...

Hello Berni,
Not sure what snagging is but glad that you are enjoying my blog.

Berni said...

To snag: to acquire :)

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