Monday, April 12, 2021

Bob Seger - Discography


Originally a hard-driving rocker in the vein of fellow Michigan garage rockers the Rationals and Mitch Ryder, Bob Seger developed into one of the most popular heartland rockers over the course of the '70s. Combining the driving charge of Ryder's Detroit Wheels with Stonesy garage rock and devotion to hard-edged soul and R&B, he crafted a distinctively American sound. While he never attained the critical respect of his contemporary Bruce Springsteen, Seger did develop a dedicated following through constant touring with his Silver Bullet Band. Following several years of missed chances and lost opportunities, Seger finally achieved a national audience in 1976 with the back-to-back release of Live Bullet and Night Moves. After the platinum success of those albums, Seger retained his popularity for the next two decades, releasing seven Top Ten, platinum-selling albums in a row.


iggy said...

Thanks so much for this one, Ozzieguy. One of my favorites. "Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then" indeed. All good wishes, Iggy

Ozzieguy said...

Hello iggy
Glad that you will enjoy a great performer.
Best wishes

Vera Lane said...

Hi Ozzieguy.
Thank you so much for Bob Seger albums. Wow you've blown me away again xx
Irish Vera

Ozzieguy said...

You are very welcome my dear friend.
Best Wishes

BigGray said...

Thank you for Bob. I didn't have any of the later albums. Looking forward to hearing them.


Ozzieguy said...

Hello BigGray
They are wonderful albums also mate, please enjoy.
Nice to see another Oz here on my blog.
Best Wishes mate

albert escalante said...

gracias por compartir la música de este gran artista

Martin Michael said...

Thanks for the Bob Seger collection Ozzieguy. I first "discovered" Bob on the Live Bullet double album and it just blew me away. Been a big fan since

Ozzieguy said...

G'day Martin
You are very welcome mate and it is nice to see another Australian join my blog with me :-)
Best Wishes

joanofark06 said...

Ramblin' Gamblin Man 1969, and Mongrel 1970, always stop downloading in Mega. Could you look and see if there is something wrong with the files? I'm really wondering if it's this old computer doing it.

Ozzieguy said...

Hello Joan
Both downloaded normally for me.
Truly the easiest way to download from Mega and other hosts is by using Realdebrid as I have for many years. It is also not very exspensive. Here is a link if you decide to want to purchase.

Miles said...

Thanks for sharing these. I was able to fill one or two holes in my collection. many thanks!

Don said...

Thanks for these