Thursday, October 22, 2020

Glenn Yarbrough and The Limeliters Discographies - 320kbps

Glenn Yarbrough and The Limeliters

The Limeliters (original trio): Glenn Yarbrough, Alex Hassilev, Lou Gottlieb 

The Limeliters are an American folk music group, formed in July 1959 by Louis Gottlieb (bass), Alex Hassilev (baritone), and Glenn Yarbrough (tenor). The group was active from 1959 until 1965, when they disbanded.

After a hiatus of sixteen years Yarbrough, Hassilev, and Gottlieb reunited and began performing as The Limeliters again.

The Limeliters are still active and performing, but Hassilev, the last founding member active in the group, has retired, leaving the group to carry on without any of the original members.

1969.The Limeliters - Anthology
CD01 - CD02


Dr. Dream said...

thank you!

Ozzieguy said...

Hi DrDream
Very welcome, I shall complete the links today.
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Tartesy said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! I guess you can tell how happy I am. I had no idea that there was that many recording of the Limeliters & Glen Yarbrough. I Will be listening to these until well into the weekend with a Scotch & Soda (I know the KIngston Trio) an a huge smile on my face. Thank-you ever so much. JIM

Ozzieguy said...

Gday Jim
Yes, they were a fantastic group with such great talent, I loved them to bits and loved listening to every one of their albums from years ago.

Enjoy my friend.