Monday, September 7, 2020

Ray Price - Discography - 320kbps

Born: January 12, 1926 - Died: December 16, 2013
Ray Price covered -- and kicked up -- as much musical turf as any country singer of the postwar era. He was lionized as the man who saved hard country when Nashville went pop, and vilified as the man who went pop when hard country was starting to call its own name with pride. Actually, he was no more than a musically ambitious singer, always looking for the next challenge for a voice that could bring down roadhouse walls.

Circa 1949, Price cut his first record for Bullet in Dallas. In 1951, he was picked up by Columbia, the label for which he would record for more than 20 years. After knocking around in Lefty Frizzell's camp for six months or so (his first Columbia single was a Frizzell composition), Price befriended Hank Williams. The connection brought him to the Opry and profoundly affected his singing style. After Hank died, Price started stretching out more as a singer and arranger. His experimentation culminated in the 4/4 bass-driven "Crazy Arms," the country song of the year for 1956. The intensely rhythmic sound he discovered with "Crazy Arms" would dominate his -- and much of country in general -- music for the next six years. To this day, people in Nashville refer to a 4/4 country shuffle as the "Ray Price beat." Heavy on fiddle, steel, and high-tenor harmony, his country work from the late '50s is as lively as the rock & roll of the same era. Price tired of that sound, however, and started messing around with strings. His lush 1967 version of "Danny Boy" and his 1970 take on Kris Kristofferson's "For the Good Times" were, in their crossover way, landmark records. But few of his old fans appreciated the fact. In the three decades following "For the Good Times," Price's career was often an awkward balancing act in which twin Texas fiddles were weighed against orchestras.

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johny said...

i like ray price and there is so many thank you so much

Elaine said...

Hi Ozzieguy

You did it again. Ray Price is my all time favorite country artist. I was fortunate enough to see him a few times in concert. Beautiful voice.

Just a couple of mentions

Ray Price And His Port Jackson Jazz Band – Pixieland Party is not Ray Price the American country artist. I believe they are an Australian band.

The lady on the album cover of You’re The Best Thing That Every Happened To Me is Ray’s wife, Janie. Just thought you might like to know.

TC & Stay Safe

Ozzieguy said...

Hello Elaine
Ray Price certainly did have a great voice and gee it must have been great to be able to see and hear him in concert, lucky lady you. :-)
Oh dear I have gone and done it again by placing a wrong artist. I was getting my Aust stuff stacked ready and got mixed in. Dumb bum me.

And thank you Elaine for that info regarding the album cover.

Again, many thanks for staying in touch and your wealth of information.