Sunday, September 20, 2020

Peter Allen [Australian Artist] - Discography

 Peter Allen

Born: February 10, 1944 - Died: June 18, 1992
In the 1970s, Peter Allen gained recognition both as a composer of romantic ballads such as "I Honestly Love You" and "Don't Cry Out Loud," and, contrastingly, as a flamboyant stage performer. He learned to play the piano and began entertaining people at the pub in his small Australian hometown when he was still a child. By 1959, he was in Sydney, where he became a last-minute replacement in a duo appearing on the television show Australian Bandstand with guitarist and singer Chris Bell. The act was successful and the two became known as the Allen Brothers. In the early '60s, they had an Australian hit with "My Secret" and toured the Far East. They were appearing at a hotel in Hong Kong in the spring of 1964 when Judy Garland saw them and was impressed. She got them bookings and brought them to London, where they were her opening act. She also introduced Allen to her daughter, Liza Minnelli, and the two became engaged. The Allen Brothers made their American debut at the Diplomat Hotel in Miami in December 1964, then moved to New York. For the rest of the '60s, they appeared in clubs around the U.S., notably at the various Playboy Clubs. After a lengthy engagement, Allen and Minnelli married on March 3, 1967.


Unknown said...

Peter Allen (1971) ?

Ozzieguy said...

Sorry, what do you mean?

Unknown said...

first disc of Peter Allen 1971

Ken Ward said...

The "Pressed" soundtrack is not by this Peter Allen. Its by a Canadian composer with the same name.