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Ernest Tubb - Discography

Ernest Tubb - Discography

Born: February 9, 1914 - Died: September 6, 1984
The incomparable Ernest Tubb ("E.T." to all who knew him) became a legend as much for what he was personally as for the half-century career that stretched from his first radio date in 1932 to his death in 1984. Though other singers with better voices and more raw musical talent have come and gone, none has inspired greater love from fans over six decades. Along with such performers as Jimmie Rodgers, Roy Acuff, Bill Monroe, Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, and George Jones, Tubb is country music personified. He was among the first of the honky tonk singers and the first to achieve national recognition. His first recording was "The Passing of Jimmie Rodgers," a tribute to his hero. His long association with Decca began with "Blue Eyed Elaine" in 1940. Three years later his self-penned "Walkin' the Floor Over You," a country classic, was a hit, leading to the Opry, movie roles, and stardom. In 1947 he opened his Nashville record store and began the Midnight Jamboree, which followed the Opry on WSM and advertised the shop while showcasing stars and those on the rise. By that time, he had become one of the most recognizable musical stars in the world, bringing country music to the widest audience it had ever seen. Over the years, Tubb toured widely with his Texas Troubadors, pressing the flesh with fans after shows that featured his many hits, including "Slippin' Around," "Two Glasses Joe," "Tomorrow Never Comes," "Drivin' Nails in My Coffin," "Rainbow at Midnight," "Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello," and "Driftwood on the River." In 1975, after 35 years with Decca/MCA, he was let go, the allegiance of company executives not matching that of his multitude of fans. Because of a lung disease Tubb had to rest in pain on a cot between takes, ending his career just as his hero, Rodgers, had 50 years earlier. Quoting one of his album titles, Tubb left a legend and a legacy.


LasseLloyd said...

I found some E.T. albums here, that I downloaded. Back in the early 70's, I met Mr. Tubb outside the old Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Got his autograph, and some pictures. Later that evening, we went down to E.T:s record shop for some more live country music.
Thanks for these old country stars that you have here on your site. It bring back some very fine memories of the time when country music was just that: COUNTRY MUSIC!
Hope everything's OK with you, and here's a big thanks from LasseLloyd.

Elaine said...

Hi Ozzieguy

Another great discog. There is one invalid link - Daddy Of 'Em All

TC & Stay Safe

Ozzieguy said...

WOW, it would have been nice meeting Ernie as I have been told by fellow musicians that he was a real nice man.
Thanks for sharing this with us LasseLloyd.

Ozzieguy said...

Thank you Elaine, I have now fixed that link that you reported.

Unknown said...

Not sure where to ask but do you have any Sanford Clark? Thanks for all this music Ozzieguy!!

fulvio said...

Thanks For Ernest Tubb I love Country Music