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Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs [Australian Artist] - Discography


Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs were an Australian pop and rock group dating from the mid-1960s. The origins of the band name began with The Aztecs (4) which were renamed Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs when Billy Thorpe joined as lead singer. The original band members quit in 1965 over a financial dispute and Billy Thorpe reformed the group with a new line-up. The group enjoyed success, but split in 1967. They re-emerged in the early 1970s to become one of the most popular Australian hard-rock bands of the period. The band ended in 1975. 

Billy Thorpe (born 29 March 1946, Manchester, England – died 28 February 2007, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) was an English-born Australian pop/rock singer-songwriter, producer and guitarist. His family emigrated to Australia in 1955. In 1963, he joined The Aztecs (4) as the lead vocalist and the group was renamed as Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs. In 1965, the original members quit and Thorpe reformed the band with new musicians. During the next decade there were multiple incarnations of the band. In late 1976, Thorpe moved to the United States to pursue his musical career, returning to Australia in the mid-1990's.

1965 - Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs
1. I'm Talking About You  
2. Half As Much  
3. I'll Never Get Over You  
4. Some Other Guy  
5. High Heel Sneakers  
6. Pride  
7. Stand by Me  
8. Devoted to You  
9. When You Walk in the Room  
10. Skinny Minnie  
11. The Cruel Sea  
12. I Call Your Name

1965 - I Told The Brook
01 Over the Rainbow
02 That I Love You
03 Funny Face
04 I Told the Brook

1965 - On Stage
01 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
02 I'm A Hog For You Baby
03 Jenny Jenny
04 What'd I Say

01 Mashed Potato 
02 About Love 
03 Don't You Know 
04 Sick N' Tired 

01 Twilight Time 
02 Hello Josephine 
03 Baby Hold Me Close 
04 Hallelujah, I Love Her So 

1. Don't You Dig This Kind of Beat ?
2. Dancing in the Street
3. Lindy Lou
4. Tennessee Waltz
5. A Worried Man
6. I've Got the Blues
7. Jenny, Jenny
8. Love Letters
9. For Love
10. Take Out Some Insurance
11. I Got a Woman

1971 - Aztecs Live
01 Somebody Left Me Crying (Live).mp3
02 Time to Live (Live).mp3
03 Be Bop a Lula (Live).mp3
04 Momma Pt. 1 (Live).mp3
05 Drum Solo (Live).mp3
06 Momma Pt. 2 (Live).mp3
07 The Dawn Song (Live).mp3
08 Time To Live (Live).mp3
09 Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy (Live).mp3
10 Regulation 3 Pufff (Live).mp3
11 Believe It Just Like Me (Live).mp3
12 Get to Hell out of Here (Live).mp3
13 Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (Live).mp3

01.Over The Rainbow
2.I Told The Brook
3.About Love
4.Hallelujah, I Love Her So
5.Twilight Time
6.Baby, Hold Me Close
7.My Girl Josephine
8.That I Love
9.Funny Face
10.Don't Cha Know
11Sick & Tired
12.Mashed Potato

1971 - The Hoax Is Over
1. Gangster of Love
2. Goodbye Baby
3. Born in Mississippi
4. Truth

1973 -  More Arse Than Class
01. Boogie Woogie
02. Walkin Down The Street
03. Don't You Know
04. No More War 
05. I Wanna Know
06. Back On The Road Again
07. Slowly Learnin How
08. A Little Bit Of Lunacy Maestro Please
09. I Wanna Know
10. Pig's Blues
11. Mame
12. Movie Queen
13. Kawasaki 
14. Kawasaki 
15. Slowly Learning How 

1976 - 
Billy Thorpe - Pick Me Up And Play Me Loud
Blue Mary
Good Night Out
Let Yourself Go
Long Live Rock 'n Roll
Most People I Know Think That Im Crazy
Movin on the Sound
See What I Mean
You Keep Me Hangin Around

1987 - Billy Thorpe - Children Of The Sun...Revisited
01 - Children Of The Sun
02 - We're Leaving
03 - We Welcome You
04 - Solar Anthem
05 - The Beginning.
06 - Earth Calling
07 - Turn It Into Love
08 - Free Enterprise
09 - East Of Eden's Gate

1995 - It's All Happening - 23 Original Hits (1964-1975)
1.Poison Ivy
2.Mashed Potato
3.That I Love You
4.Sick 'N' Tired
5.Don't You Know
6.Hi Heeled Sneakers
7.What I Say
8.I Got A Woman
9.Don't You Dig This Kind Of Beat
10.Funny Face
11.Talkin' Bout You
12.Dancing In The Street
13.Baby Hold Me Close
14.Twilight Time
15.Love Letters
16.I Told The Brook
17.Over The Rainbow
18.I've Been Wrong Before
19.The New Breed
20.Wee Bit More Of Your Lovin'
21.The Word For Today
22.Most People I Know
23.It's Almost Summer

1997 - The VERY Best Of
01 Rock N Roll City 
02 Southern Comfort 
03 Let Love Show The Way 
04 Rock Me Baby 
05 Most People I Know 
06 Sick N Tired 
07 Poison Ivy 
08 The Dawn Song 
09 Movie Queen 
11 Its Almost Summer 
12 C.c. Rider 
13 Be Bop A Lula (Live At Sunbury 72) 
15 Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Live At Sunbury 73) 

01 - CC Rider (Live)
02 - Be Bop a Lula (Live)
03 - Momma (Live)
04 - Rock Me Baby (Live)
05 - Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy (Live)
06 - Time to Live (Live)
07 - Jump Back (Live)
08 - Ooh Poo Pa Doo (Live)

01 - Marrakesh
02 - A River Knows
03 - Since You've Been Gone
04 - Gypsy
05 - Tangier
06 - Fatima
07 - Long Time
08 - In A New World
09 - We Will Be There
10 - Out Of Here

2007 - Billy Thorpe - Solo - The Last Recordings
01 - Free Man In Paris
02 - Ride This Train
03 - Rock Me Baby
04 - Billy Speaks - Brisbane Billy
05 - Medley_ Dance To The Bop - Sick and Tired - High Heel Sneakers - What'd I Say
06 - Girls Of Summer
07 - Billy Speaks - Million Dollar Billy
08 - It's Almost Summer
09 - Billy Speaks - A Long Way With Billy
10 - Because I Love You
11 - Billy Speaks - Billy Goes To Morocco
12 - Since You've Been Gone
13 - Be Bop A Lula
14 - Billy Speaks - Stomping With Billy
15 - Poison Ivy
16 - Over The Rainbow
17 - Billy Speaks - Aztec Gold
18 - Most People I Know (Think That I'm Crazy)
19 - Stand By Me
20 - Ooh Poo Pah Doo

1. Be Bop a Lula
2. CC Rider
3. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
4. Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy
5. Ooh Poo Pah Doo
6. Let Yourself Go
7. Believe It Just Like Me
8. Ooh Poo Pah Doo


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