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Jerry Lewis - Discography

Jerry Lewis - Discography

Born Joseph Levitch into a show business family on March 16, 1926 in Newark, New Jersey, Jerry Lewis was intermittently on-stage from the age of five and in his mid-teens had become a professional comedian and mimic. In 1946 he teamed up with Dean Martin, for whom Lewis has expressed great admiration. Their double act clicked instantly and they were soon one of the hottest show business duos of the era. Between 1949 and 1956 they made several films, headlined numerous radio and television shows, and toured the U.S. performing a standup comedy and song act at clubs and other venues.

In their routines, Lewis provided the zany and often anarchic comedy while Martin sang the songs and, in the case of the films, played the romantic lead. Although still hugely popular, personal tensions drove them to break up their act on the night of July 24, 1956, while playing at Manhattan's Copacabana. Coincidentally, that was the tenth anniversary of their first formal appearance as a double act at a nightclub in Atlantic City. Thereafter, Lewis continued to make film comedies and also toured his act in major U.S. casinos and nightspots and in Europe.

Although Lewis was best known as a movie comedian, writer, director, and producer, he did try his hand at serious singing, recording several singles and one charting album in the late '50s. His other charting single was "It All Depends on You," which peaked at number 68 on the charts in 1957. "It All Depends on You" was originally a Paul Whiteman number two hit in 1927.


LasseLloyd said...

Hi Ozzieguy!

Thanks for the Jerry Lewis music. I have always loved this guy as an actor in funny movies, but he can also sing, pretty good. Not in class with Sinatra or Martin, but he wasn't all that bad. I have downloaded three albums, I think that will give me the music from Jerry that I want.

Hope everything's OK with you, and once again, thanks for sharing all the fine music you put out here.

robert said...

The links of Crazy Songs for Fun and Essential Masters are the same.
Thanks for sharing.

Ozzieguy said...

Hi LasseLloyd
Thank you my friend again for your kind words.
I have been struggling terribly with depression again.
Thank you again.


Ozzieguy said...

Hello Robert
Thank you for notifying me of my mistake.
All fixed now.


Freddy said...

Thanks so much for your really is a big boost while we're stuck at home due to this covid-19 sequestration!

One odd problem though with the Jerry Lewis "Essential Masters" download. The song titles are Jerry Lewis songs BUT the songs themselves are a mix of blues and big band instrumentals???
(I was really looking forward to listening to a few cuts off that LP that I hadn't heard in a long time)
Either way, thanks again for taking the time to spread a bit of joy in an otherwise dreary time.

Ozzieguy said...

Thank you Freddy.
Being locked down is not nice that is for sure, I am glad that you are enjoying my blog.

Many thanks