Monday, June 1, 2020

Time Life-The Rock 'N' Roll Era - Ricky Nelson 1957 - 1972

Ricky Nelson 1957 - 1972
01 - I'm Walkin' (1957).mp3
02 - A Teenager's Romance (1957).mp3
03 - Waitin' In School (1957).mp3
04 - Be-Bop Baby (1957).mp3
05 - Shirley Lee (1958).mp3
06 - Stood Up (1957).mp3
07 - Believe What You Say (1958).mp3
08 - Hello, Mary Lou (1961).mp3
09 - Travelin' Man (1961).mp3
10 - It's Late (1959).mp3
11 - Never Be Anyone Else But You (1959).mp3
12 - Just A Little Too Much (1959).mp3
13 - Lonesome Town (1958).mp3
14 - Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) (1963).mp3
15 - Young World (1962).mp3
16 - It's Up To You (1962).mp3
17 - Poor Little Fool (1958).mp3
18 - A Teenage Idol (1962).mp3
19 - String Along (1963).mp3
20 - For You (1963).mp3
21 - Mystery Train (1967).mp3
22 - She Belongs To Me (1969).mp3
23 - Garden Party (1972).mp3


mrRadio said...

This guy was the real deal. Show business family, radio, film, television, teen idol, and music careers before becoming yet another great talent to tragically die young in an airplane crash. That seems way too common. Did you get the Nelson Family's TV show in your part of the world? I understand that near the end his record label MCA dumped him with 7 years to go on his contract. The music business of old (probably still) was messed up in so many ways. There's so many areas where you lose control with a major label. For example, misdirection, forced timelines, bad producers, sound, studio, musicians, mixing, album packaging and art, and especially improper promotion and not getting a large enough return on investment. I do believe more often than not the artist is not the one mainly responsible for their "perceived" failure. Garden Party was a good final hit for him. This is a really fine compilation. Thank you OG for presenting it here.

Ozzieguy said...

Oh yes so true, he sure was the real deal, just loved his stuff and yes, another great talent taken from us due to aircraft crashing. Yes, we did have that TV series here and yes I even watched it when I was a kid lol. The biggest problem with the major labels was the way that they treated the artists, to the labels it was all about money. It is funny how lots of people think that the artists made a fortune out of the sales of LPs etc, but no, they/we made stuff all.