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Rockabilly Dynamite! 1000 Explosive Hits

Rockabilly Dynamite!

This is the most comprehensive collection of the rockabilly era that was ever assembed in one box.
On these 40CDs there are 1000 carefully chosen songs. A booklet is also included with information, biographies and many rare illustrations.
It was neither easy to bring together all these gems from an earlier era but it was certainly worth it. The immortalisation of every one of the titles in this ''Hall of Fame'' is justified. The majority of musicians and songs that can be heard here will be known to only a few of the 'initiated'. But few rockabilly discs managed the leap into the American hit parade. The songs were often just recorded and pressed onto acetate to give pleasure to friends and relations, and so the distribution of these rare but 'fiendishly' well-made titles was correspondingly small. Frequently extra labels were set up just to publish one song in the hope of making the great breakthrough. A few were rewarded with a lasting success but many others were doomed to remain nineday wonders even though their songs were real hits. It is these discs that are traded at sales and in the internet at sometimes horrendous prices. A large number of these rarities will be found in this box.

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD01
Al Casey - Got The Teenage Blues.mp3
Art Adams - Dancing Doll.mp3
Benny Joy - Itty Bitty Everything.mp3
Bill Flagg - Go Cat Go.mp3
Bill Mack - Cat Just Got Back In Town.mp3
Carl Perkins - Blue Suede Shoes.mp3
Dwight 'Whitey' Pullen - Sunglasses After Dark.mp3
Elvis Presley - Thatns All Right.mp3
Freddie Hart - Snatch It And Grab It.mp3
Gene Summers - Gotta Lotta That.mp3
Jack Scott - Geraldine.mp3
Jackie Lee - Mama Donnt You Think I Know.mp3
Janis Martin - Drugstore Rock nnn Roll.mp3
Jimmy Dee - Rock Tic Toc.mp3
Jimmy Patton - Oakiens In The Pokey.mp3
Jimmy Selph - Tom Catinn Around.mp3
Jody Reynolds - Jeannie Mae.mp3
Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones - Black Slacks.mp3
Johnny Brunette Rock & Roll Trio - Rock Billy Boogie.mp3
Larry Collins - Whistle Bait.mp3
Ron Haydock & The Boppers - 99 Chicks.mp3
Sonny Fisher - Pink And Black.mp3
Terry Daley - You Donnt Bug Me No More.mp3
Tommy Scott - Cat Music.mp3
Wanda Jackson - Baby Loves Him.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD02
Allen Page & The Crowns - Honeysuckle.mp3
Art Adams - Rock Crazy Baby.mp3
Bill Browning - Donnt Push - Donnt Shove.mp3
Bill Sherill - Donnt You Rock Me Daddy-O.mp3
Bubba Ford - Lindy Lou.mp3
Cecil McNabb Jr. - Nothing Like This.mp3
Curtis Gordon - Dragginn.mp3
Eddie Bonds - Rockinn Daddy.mp3
Elvis Presley - Good Rockin' Tonight.mp3
Gene McKown & The Tune Twisters - Rock-a-Billy Rhythm.mp3
Gene Wyatt - Love Fever.mp3
Jaycee Hill - Romp Stompinn Boogie.mp3
Jerry Byrne - Lights Out.mp3
Jimmy Bowen - My Babyns Gone.mp3
Keith Corvalle - Trapped Love.mp3
Larry Terry - Hep Cat.mp3
Pete Peters & The Rhythm Makers - Rockinn In My Sweet Babyns Arms.mp3
Ray Pennington - They Took The Stars Out Of Heaven.mp3
Roy Orbison - Rockhouse.mp3
Sandy Scott - Mister Big.mp3
The Chavis Brothers - So Tired.mp3
The Thrashers - Fort Lauderdale, USA.mp3
Tommy Cassell - Go Ahead On.mp3
Val Volk - Therenll Be A Rockinn Party Tonight.mp3
Wanda Jackson - Mean Mean Man.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD03
Alvis Wayne - Donnt Mean Maybe Baby.mp3
Bobby Wayne & The Warriors - Sally Ann.mp3
Cecil McNabb Jr. - Clock Tickinn Rhythm.mp3
Chuck Tharpe & The Fireballs - I Donnt Know.mp3
Freddie Caddell - At The Rockhouse.mp3
Gene La Marr - You Donnt Love Me Anymore.mp3
Gene Vincent - Lotta Lovinn.mp3
Glenn Barber - Shadow My Baby.mp3
Glenn Reeves - Rockinn Country Style.mp3
Janis Martin - My Boy Elvis.mp3
Jimmy Kelly - Little Chickie.mp3
Joe Maphis - Rock & Roll (Instrumental).mp3
Red Barry & The Bel Raves - What A Dolly.mp3
Sonee West - Rock Ola Ruby.mp3
The Bay Bops - Follow The Rock.mp3
The Beau-Marks - Moonlight Party.mp3
The Blue Tones - Oh Yeah.mp3
The Dusters - Rock At The Hop.mp3
The Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio - Lonesome Train.mp3
The Star Combo - Mister Rock & Roll.mp3
The Tune Rockers - No Stoppinn This Boppinn -Instrumental-.mp3
The Vibes - Pretty Baby.mp3
Wanda Jackson - Honey Bop.mp3
Warren Smith - Rock nnn Roll Ruby.mp3
Werly Fairburn - Everybody's Rockinn.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD04
Al Ferrier - No No Baby.mp3
Barbara Pittman - I Need A Man.mp3
Ben Hall - Moo Mama.mp3
Benny Barnes - You Gotta Pay.mp3
Bernie Early - Rock Doll.mp3
Brenda Lee - Rock The Bop.mp3
Buddy Holly - Rock Around With Ollie Vee.mp3
Buddy Knox - Party Doll.mp3
Carl Perkins - Boppinn The Blues.mp3
Elvis Presley - Blue Moon Of Kentucky.mp3
Jackie Lee - Hip Shakinn Mama.mp3
Joe Clay - Ducktail.mp3
Joe Montgomery - Cool Cat.mp3
Johnny Horton - Cherokee Boogie.mp3
Lew Williams - Bop Bop Ba Doo Bop.mp3
Paul Chaplain & His Emeralds - Shortninn Bread.mp3
Roy Orbison - Younre My Baby.mp3
The Barker Brothers - Hey Little Mama.mp3
The Dazzlers - Gee Whiz.mp3
The Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio - Tear It Up.mp3
The Orbits - Queen Bee.mp3
The Phantom - Love Me.mp3
The Raiders - Hocus Pocus.mp3
The Temptations - Mad At Love.mp3
Vern Pullens - Bop Crazy Baby.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD05
Al Ferrier - Let's Go Boppin' Tonight.mp3
Al Urban - Gonna Be Better Times.mp3
Bill Bell & The 4 Unknowns - Little Bitty Girl.mp3
Bill Browning - Sinful Woman.mp3
Bill Mack - Kitty Kat.mp3
Buck Griffin - Stutterin' Papa.mp3
Carl Perkins - Jive After Five.mp3
Clyde Stacy - Baby Shame.mp3
Dwight 'Whitey' Pullen - Teen Age Bug.mp3
Emery Blades - The Rock And Roll Carpenter.mp3
Everett Carpenter - Let Your Hair Down Baby.mp3
Gene Vincent - Blue Jean Bop.mp3
Guy Mitchell - Rockabilly.mp3
Jackie Johnson - Star Light, Star Bright.mp3
Jim McDonald - Hold Me Tight.mp3
Joannie King - Ok Doll, It's A Deal.mp3
John Worthan - The Cats Were Jumpin'.mp3
Johnny Cavalier & The Key Notes - Rock'n Chair Roll.mp3
Johnny Powers & His Rockets - Your Love.mp3
Rex Qual - Tranquilizer Boogie (Instrumental).mp3
Ronnie Self - Bop A Lena.mp3
Stan Johnson & The Bluechips - Baby, Baby Doll.mp3
The Sabres - My Hot Mama.mp3
Tommy 'Jim' Beam - Bay Rum Rock.mp3
Wanda Jackson - Cool Love.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD06
Billy 'Crash' Craddock - Ah - Poor Little Baby.mp3
Bobby Brown - Down At Big Mary's House.mp3
Chuck Mills & The Monarchs - Ding Dong.mp3
Conny & The Bellhops - Fafine.mp3
Don Woody - Barking Up The Wrong Tree.mp3
Dwight 'Whitey' Pullen - Let's All Go Wild Tonight.mp3
Elvis Presley - I Don't Care If The Sun Don ́T Shine.mp3
Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones - Bayou Rock.mp3
Lenny Dean & The Rockinn Chairs - Girl Of Mine.mp3
'Little' Jimmy Dickens - I Got A Hole In My Pocket.mp3
Pete & Jimmy & The Rhythm Knights - So Wild.mp3
The Beau-Marks - Rockin' Blues.mp3
The Castle Kings - You Can Get Him Frankenstein.mp3
The Dazzlers - Somethin' Baby.mp3
The Four Teens - Spark Plug.mp3
The Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio - Honey Hush.mp3
The Lane Brothers - Boppin' In A Sack.mp3
The Moods - Little Alice.mp3
The Sprouts - Teen Billy Baby.mp3
The Swallows - Angel Baby.mp3
The Teen Tones - Yes, You May.mp3
The Unimates - Lost Romance.mp3
Warren Smith - Ubangi Stomp.mp3
Wayne Walker - Bo Bo Ska Diddle Daddle.mp3
Wesley Hardin & The Roxters - Anyway.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD07
Aubrey Cagle - Come Along Little Girl.mp3
Barry Darwell - Geronimo Stomp.mp3
Billy 'Curley' Barrix - Cool Off Baby.mp3
Billy Prager & His Caravans - Do It Bop.mp3
Bobby Lee Trammell - Uh Oh.mp3
Bobby Martin - Dood It.mp3
Brenda Lee - Ring A My Phone.mp3
Buddy Burke & The Canadian Meteors - That Big Old Moon.mp3
Carl Perkins - Pink Pedal Pushers.mp3
Carl Phillips - Salty Dog Blues.mp3
Cheeko Vass - Bo Peep Rock.mp3
Elvis Presley - Mystery Train.mp3
G. L. 'Davy' Crockett - Look Out Mable.mp3
Glen Glenn - Blue Jeans And A Boys' Shirt.mp3
Grant Greeves - Four On The Floor.mp3
Jackie Dee (Jackie DeShannon) - Buddy.mp3
Larry Dowd - Blue Swingin' Mama.mp3
Ray Pate & The Rhythm Rockets - My Shadow.mp3
Ritchie Heart - The Great Duane.mp3
Ronnie Self - Big Fool.mp3
The Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio - Lonesome Tears In My Eyes.mp3
The Morgan Twins - TV Hop.mp3
The Velaires - Roll Over Beethoven.mp3
Tommy Blake - I Dig You.mp3
Weldon Rogers - So Long, Good Luck And Goodbye.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD08
Billy Adams - You Gotta Have A Ducktail.mp3
Billy Carroll - Big Green Car.mp3
Billy Eldridge & The Fire Balls - Let's Go Baby.mp3
Billy Harlan - I Wanna Bop.mp3
Bobby Swanson & His Sonics - Rockin' Little 'eskimo.mp3
Buddy Holly - Blue Days, Black Nights.mp3
Curtis Johnson & The Windjammers - Baby, Baby.mp3
Dale Vaughn & The Starnotes - How Can You Be Mean To Me.mp3
Gene La Marr - The Crazy Little House On The Hill.mp3
Gene Lewis - Crazy Legs.mp3
Gene Wyatt - Lover Boy.mp3
George 'Thumper' Jones - Who Shot Sam.mp3
Harmon Boazeman - No Love In You.mp3
Harry Carter - Jump Baby Jump.mp3
Jeff Stone - Everybody Rock.mp3
Jim McDonald - Let's Have A Ball.mp3
Jimmy Williams - You're Always Late.mp3
Joey Michaels - Sixteen Cats.mp3
Johnny Bell - Flip, Flop, Fly.mp3
Johnny Brunette And The Rock 'n' Roll Trio - All By Myself.mp3
Larry Donn - That's What I Call A Ball.mp3
Pat Cupp & The Flyinn Saucers - Long Gone Daddy.mp3
Ray Coleman & His Skyrockets - Jukebox Rock'n Roll.mp3
Sonee West - Sweet Rockin' Baby.mp3
The Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio - O Baby Babe.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD09
Billy Lee Riley - Red Hot.mp3
Bobby Lee Trammell - You Mostest Girl.mp3
Carl Mann - Gonna Rock And Roll Tonight.mp3
Carl Perkins - All Mama's Children.mp3
Carl Perkins - Matchbox.mp3
Danny Wolfe - Let's Flat Get It.mp3
Dennis Herrold - Hip Hip Baby.mp3
Don Willis - Boppin' High School Baby.mp3
Eddie Cochran - Twenty Flight Rock.mp3
Elvis Presley - You're A Heartbreaker.mp3
Farris Wilder - It's All Your Fault.mp3
Gene Vincent - Woman Love.mp3
Jack Scott - Two Timin' Woman.mp3
Jimmy Edwards - Love Bug Crawl.mp3
Johnny Horton - I'm Coming Home.mp3
Kenny Parchman - I Feel Like Rockin'.mp3
Narvel Felts - Cry Baby Cry.mp3
Ricky Nelson - Be Bop Baby.mp3
Ricky Nelson - Believe What You Say.mp3
Ronnie Self - Rocky Road Blues.mp3
The Big Four - Outa Tune.mp3
The Collins Kids - Hop, Skip And Jump.mp3
The Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio - The Train Kept A Rollin'.mp3
Warner Mack - Roc - A - Chicka.mp3
Wayne Williams - Red Hot Mama.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD10
Big Al Downing - Down On The Farm.mp3
Bill Lawrence - Hey Baby.mp3
Billy Lee Riley - Rock With Me.mp3
Bobby Lee Trammell - Shirley Lee.mp3
Carl Perkins - Dixie Fried.mp3
Don Woody - Bird Dog.mp3
Eddie Bonds - Boppinn Bonnie.mp3
Elvis Presley - Baby Letns Play House.mp3
Elvis Presley - Milk Cow Blues Boogie.mp3
Hoyt Johnson - Eenie Meenie Minie Mo.mp3
Jack Earls - Slow Down.mp3
Jack Scott - Leroy.mp3
Janis Martin - Letns Elope Baby.mp3
Jimmy C. Newman - Carry On.mp3
Jimmy Lloyd - Younre Gone Baby.mp3
Johnny Carroll - Hot Rock.mp3
Johnny Garner - Didi Didi.mp3
Johnny Strickland - Shens Mine.mp3
Johnny Talley - Inve Changed My Wild Mind.mp3
Malcolm Yelvington - Rockinn With My Baby.mp3
Roy Orbison - Mean Little Mama.mp3
Skeets McDonald - Heartbreakinn Mama.mp3
Sleepy LaBeef - All The Time.mp3
Slim Rhodes - Do What I Do.mp3
The Collins Kids - Party.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD11
Al Runyon - Baby Please Come Home.mp3
Benny Ingram - Jello Sal.mp3
Bill Sherrill - Kool Kat.mp3
Bill Sherrill & The Dell Tones - Yes, No Or Maybe.mp3
Billy Lee Riley - Flying Saucer Rock And Roll.mp3
Bob Doss - Don't Be Gone Long.mp3
Bobby Lee Trammell - Woe Is Me.mp3
Carl Perkins - Honey Don't.mp3
Dwight 'Whitey' Pullen - Walk My Way Back Home.mp3
Ersel Hickey - Going Down That Road.mp3
Everett Carpenter - Run Run Mabel.mp3
Glenn Reeves - Drinkin' Wine Spo - Dee - O - Dee.mp3
Jerry Irby - Clickety Clack.mp3
Jimmy Patton - Yeah, I'm Movin'.mp3
Milton Allen - Don't Bug Me Baby.mp3
Pat Cupp & The Flyinn Saucers - Do Me No Wrong.mp3
Ray Campi & The Snappers - It Ain't Me.mp3
Ray Vict & His Bob Rockers - Bop Stop Rock.mp3
Rose Maddox - Hey Little Dreamboat.mp3
Roy Orbison - Ooby Dooby.mp3
Skeets McDonald - You Oughta See Grandma Rock.mp3
Sonny Deckelman - Born To Lose.mp3
The Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio - Drinkin' Wine Spoo - Dee - O - Dee.mp3
Tom Tall - Stack - A - Records.mp3
Tracey Pendarvis - It Don't Pay.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD12
Billy Barnett - Romp And Stomp.mp3
Billy Guitar - Here Comes The Night.mp3
Billy Lee Riley - Pearly Lee.mp3
Boyd Bennett - Click Clack.mp3
Dick Robinson - The Boppinn Martian.mp3
Dwight 'Whitey' Pullen - Tuscaloosa Lucy.mp3
Elroy Dietzel - Rock-N-Bones.mp3
Elvis Presley - Inm Left, Younre Right, Shens Gone.mp3
Gene Morris - Lovinn Honey.mp3
Guido DnAmico - Jimmy Boy.mp3
Jimmy Dell - Inve Got A Dollar.mp3
Joe Clay - Sixteen Chicks.mp3
Martha Carson - Now Stop.mp3
Ray Pate & The Rhythm Rockets - Lucky Day.mp3
Ray St. Germain - She's A Square.mp3
Ric Cartey - Born To Love One Woman.mp3
Roy Orbison - Go Go Go (Move On Down The Line).mp3
Sonny Burgess - We Wanna Boogie.mp3
Sonny Wallace - Black Cadillac.mp3
Ted Daigle - Mary Lou.mp3
The Barker Brothers - Lovinn Honey.mp3
The Rock-A-Tunes - Younre Some Kind Of Nice.mp3
Tracey Pendarvis - One Of These Days.mp3
Walt Benton & The Snappers - Big Wheel.mp3
Wanda Jackson - Rock Your Baby.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD13
Bob King - Rockin' Jukebox.mp3
Bobby & Terry Caraway - Ballin' Keen.mp3
Charlie Feathers - Bottle To The Baby.mp3
Dale Hawkins - Susie Q.mp3
Dick Fagan & The Scores - Nothing Really Shakes Me.mp3
Freddie Caddell - Gotta Big Fat Mama.mp3
Jack Bailey - Oh What Love Is.mp3
Jimmy Dell - Teeny Weeny.mp3
Joey Castle - That Ain't Nothing But Right.mp3
Maylon Humphries - Worried 'Bout You Baby.mp3
Pat Kelly & The Shamrocks - Hey Doll Baby.mp3
Ray Harris - Come On Little Mama.mp3
Ray Pate & The Rhythm Rockets - Here, There, Everywhere.mp3
Ron Haydock & The Boppers - Be-Bop-a Jean.mp3
Roy Orbison - Almost Eighteen.mp3
The Esquire Boys - Dance With A Rock.mp3
The Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio - Eager Beaver Baby.mp3
The Prowlers - Rock Me, Baby.mp3
The Rebelaires - Alaska Rock.mp3
The Sprouts - Goodbye, She's Gone.mp3
The Storms - Canteen Baby.mp3
The Strikes - If You Can't Rock Me.mp3
The Teen Tones - Don't Call Me Baby, I'll Call You.mp3
The Teenos - Alrightee.mp3
The Temptations - I Love You (This I Know).mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD14
Benny Cliff - Shake Um Up Rock.mp3
Benny Joy - Spin The Bottle.mp3
Bobby Boston - Lazy Daisy.mp3
Buddy Holly - Love Me.mp3
Carl McVoy - Tootsie.mp3
Charlie Feathers - Tongue Tied Jill.mp3
Dickie Damron - Gonna Have A Party.mp3
Elvis Presley - I Got A Woman.mp3
Frankie Dee - Shake It Up Baby.mp3
Gene Maltais - The Bug.mp3
Jim Flaherty's Caravan - Real Gone Daddy.mp3
Jim Morrison - Ready To Rock.mp3
Jimmy Gray - Chicksville USA.mp3
Joe D. Johnson - Rattlesnake Daddy.mp3
Loy Clingman - Rockin' Down Mexico Way.mp3
Narvel Felts - Honey Love.mp3
Pat Kelly & The Shamrocks - Cloud 13.mp3
R. Dean Taylor - At The High School Dance.mp3
Roy Hall - Diggin' The Boogie.mp3
Roy Orbison - Chicken Hearted.mp3
Sonny Burgess - Red Headed Woman.mp3
Ted Daigle - Red Hen Hop.mp3
The Phaetons - I Love My Baby.mp3
The Rockin' R's - Crazy Baby.mp3
Tommy Bell - Swamp Gal.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD15
Al Casey - If I Told You.mp3
Carl McVoy - Little John's Gone.mp3
Elvis Presley - My Baby Let Me.mp3
Franklin Stewart - That Long Black Train.mp3
Gene Summers - School Of Rock 'n' Roll.mp3
Gene Vincent - Be Bop A Lula.mp3
George Hamilton IV - Everybody's Baby.mp3
Hal Willis - My Pink Cadillac.mp3
Janis Martin - Bang Bang.mp3
Jay B. Lloyd - I'm So Lonely.mp3
Jesse James - Red Hot Rockin' Blues.mp3
Johnny Carroll - Wild Wild Woman.mp3
Judy & Joyce - Nursery Rock.mp3
Judy Faye - Rocky - Rolly - Lover - Boy.mp3
Kimball Coburn - Please Please.mp3
Larry & Dixie Davis - Gonna Live It Up.mp3
Ricky Nelson - Boppin' The Blues.mp3
Teddy Redell - Pipeliner.mp3
The Blue Tones - Shake Shake.mp3
The Hunt Sisters - Elvis Is Rockin' Again.mp3
The Jiants - She's My Woman.mp3
The Jokers - Little Mama.mp3
The Renowns - My Mind's Made Up.mp3
The Rock-Its - It's L - O - V - E.mp3
The Stripes - Hot Rod.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD16
Al Hendrix - Rhonda Lee.mp3
Benny Banta - Cry Little Girlie.mp3
Buddy Holly - I'm Looking For Someone To Love.mp3
Buddy Holly - Ting - A -Ling.mp3
Carl Phillips - Wigwam Willie.mp3
Danny Dell - Froggy Went A Courting.mp3
Darrell Rhodes - Lou Lou.mp3
Don Wade - Oh Love.mp3
Elvis Presley - Money Honey.mp3
Gene Summers - Twixteen.mp3
Gene Vincent - Jump Back, Honey Jump Back.mp3
Hank Mizell - Jungle Rock.mp3
Jack Lake - King Fool.mp3
Joyce Green - Black Cadillac.mp3
Judy & Joyce - Washboard Sam.mp3
Larry Dowd - Pink Cadillac.mp3
Mack Vickery - High School Blues.mp3
Mickey Hawks - Bip Bop Boom.mp3
Ricky Nelson - Your True Love.mp3
Ronnie Dawson - Rockin' Bones.mp3
T. Texas Tyler - Shake Em Up Rock.mp3
The Dixielanders - Uncle John's Boogie.mp3
The Invaders - Pam.mp3
The Rhythm Rockers - Thinkin' About You.mp3
The Rock-Its - If You Never Been In Love.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD17
Billy Lamont - Country Boy.mp3
Bob Luman - Try Me.mp3
Bobby Freeman - Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes.mp3
Buddy Holly - Not Fade Away.mp3
Carl Perkins - Glad All Over.mp3
Eddie Cochran - Somethin' Else.mp3
Eddie Quinteros - Come Dance With Me.mp3
Elvis Presley - Lawdy Miss Clawdy.mp3
Fat Daddy Holmes - Chicken Rock.mp3
Gene Summers - Straight Skirt.mp3
Gene Vincent - Jumps, Giggles And Shouts.mp3
Hasil Adkins - Chicken Walk.mp3
Ivan - Real Wild Child.mp3
Jackie Lee - I Want You.mp3
Jerry Engler - Sputnik.mp3
Jerry Kennedy - Teenage Love Is Misery.mp3
Jimmy Wolford - My Name Is Jimmy.mp3
Lloyd Copas - Circle Rock.mp3
Mickey Gilley - Call Me Shorty.mp3
Mickey Hawks - Rock And Roll Rhythm.mp3
Mickey Hawks - Screamin' Mimi Jeanie.mp3
Ray Sharpe - Oh My Baby's Gone.mp3
Ricky Nelson - Stood Up.mp3
Roy Hall - Three Alley Cats.mp3
Tommy Sands - The Worryin' Kind.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD18
Barbara Allen - Sweet Willie.mp3
Bobby Brant - Piano Nellie.mp3
Bobby Freeman - Big Fat Woman.mp3
Boyd Bennett - Move.mp3
Buddy Holly - Rock Me My Baby.mp3
Eddie Cochran - Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie,.mp3
Eddie Cochran - Sweetie Pie.mp3
Eddie Ouinteros - Lindy Lou.mp3
Eddie Ouinteros - Slow Down Sandy.mp3
Elvis Presley - Ready Teddy.mp3
Gene Vincent - Bi - Bickey - Bi - Bo - Bo - Go.mp3
Hal Willis - Bop - A - Dee - Bop - A -Doo.mp3
Jackie Morningstar - Rockin' In The Graveyard.mp3
Jimmy Spellman - Doggonit.mp3
Mickey Hawks - Cotton Pickin'.mp3
Niki Sullivan - It's All Over.mp3
Peanuts Wilson - Cast Iron Arm.mp3
Ray Sharpe - Monkey's Uncle.mp3
Rex Allen - Knock Knock Rattle.mp3
Ricky Nelson - If You Can't Rock Me.mp3
Ricky Nelson - It's Late.mp3
Ronnie Self - Ain't I'm A Dog.mp3
Roy Hall - See You Later Alligator.mp3
Terry Noland - Ten Little Women.mp3
Vince Maloy - Hubba Hubba Ding Ding.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD19
Andy Starr - Round And Round.mp3
Billy Brown - Flip Out.mp3
Billy 'Crash' Craddock - Boom Boom Baby.mp3
Bobby Freeman - Shame On You Miss Johnson.mp3
Debbie Stevens - If You Can't Rock Me.mp3
Eddie Bonds - Slip, Slippin' In.mp3
Eddie Cochran - Nervous Breakdown.mp3
Gene Vincent - Race With The Devil.mp3
Gene Vincent - Say Mama.mp3
Ivan - Oh You Beautiful Doll.mp3
Jackie Gotroe - Lobo Jones.mp3
Jay B Loyd - You're Just My Kind.mp3
Jaycee Hill - She's Gone.mp3
Jeff Daniels - Switch Blade Sam.mp3
Jimmy Isle - Goin' Wild.mp3
Jimmy Lloyd - I Got A Rocket In My Pocket.mp3
John D. Loudermilk - Susie's House.mp3
Mad Man Taylor - Rock 'n' Roll Espanole.mp3
Ricky Nelson - Just A Little Too Much.mp3
Ricky Nelson - There's Good Rockin' Tonight.mp3
Ronnie Allen - Juvenile Delinquent.mp3
Ronnie Self - Date Bait.mp3
Scotty McKay - Evenin' Time.mp3
The Chaparrals - Leapin' Guitar.mp3
The Rock-A-Teens - Janis Will Rock.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD20
Al Ferrier - Kiss Me Baby.mp3
Ann Castle - Go Get The Shotgun Grandpa.mp3
Bill Carter - Cool Tom Cat.mp3
Bill Morrison - Baby Be Good.mp3
Billy Brown - Meet Me In The Alley, Sally.mp3
Bob Denton - Thinkin' About You.mp3
Brenda Lee - Just Because.mp3
Carl Perkins - Where The Rio De Rosa Flows.mp3
Cliff Benny - Shake Um Up Rock.mp3
Dale Thomas - Crocodile Hop.mp3
Derrell Felts - Playmates.mp3
Eddie Smalling & His Rhythm Aces - Jeanie.mp3
Elvis Presley - Shake, Rattle And Roll.mp3
Gene Vincent - Be-Bop Boogie Boy.mp3
Harry Lee - Rockin' On A Reindeer.mp3
Jerry Arnold & The Rhythm Captains - Race For Time.mp3
Jimmy Lee Prow - You Tell Her I Stutter.mp3
Laura Lee Perkins - Don't Wait Up.mp3
Ricky Nelson - My Babe.mp3
Rocky & The Rocky Fellows - Let's Paint The Town Red.mp3
Roger LaRue & His Pals - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine.mp3
The String Kings - Bloodshot.mp3
Vince Maloy - Crazy About You.mp3
Walter Brown - Jelly Roll Rock.mp3
Wanda Jackson - Let's Have A Party.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD21
Al Ferrier - Blues Stop Knocking.mp3
Allen Page & The Crowns - She The One That's Got It.mp3
Andy Starr - Rockin' Rollin' Stone.mp3
Arthur Osborne - Hey Ruby.mp3
Bernie Early - Your Kisses Kill Me.mp3
Carole King - Goin' Wild.mp3
George Fleming - I'm Gonna Tell On You.mp3
Jimmy Ford - Don't Hang Around Me Anymore.mp3
Jimmy Gray - Two Timer.mp3
Joe Penny - Bip A Little, Bop A Lot.mp3
Joe Therrien Jr. & His Rockets - Hey Babe Let's Go Downtown.mp3
Johnny Edwards & The White Caps - Rock 'n' Roll Saddles.mp3
Kenneth (Kenny) Rogers - We'll Always Have Each Other.mp3
Lafayette Yarborough - Livin' Doll.mp3
Laura Lee Perkins - Kiss Me Baby.mp3
Peggi Griffith - Rockin' The Blues Away.mp3
Ray Pennington - My Steady Baby.mp3
Ricky Nelson - One Of These Mornings.mp3
Rocky & The Rocky Fellows - I Hate Myself.mp3
Sanford Clark - Modern Romance.mp3
Sonny Fisher - Sneaky Pete.mp3
The Carter Kids - Gotta Rock.mp3
The Hi-Tombs - Weeping Willow Rock.mp3
Wanda Jackson - Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad.mp3
Wanda Jackson - Money Honey.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD22
Al Dean - Fragile Heart.mp3
Al Urban - Wonnt Tell You Her Name.mp3
Bobby Gay - Letns Dance.mp3
Bobby Roberts - Big Sandy.mp3
Bozo Ratcliff - Rock Along Time.mp3
Carole King - Queen Of The Beach.mp3
Del Reeves - My Baby Loves To Rock.mp3
Dickey Lee - Stay True Baby.mp3
Don Duncan - Somethinn Special.mp3
Donald Simpson & The Rockenettes - Save Me Your Love.mp3
Jay Blue - Get Off My Back.mp3
Jimmy Pritchett - Thatns The Way I Feel.mp3
Jimmy Williams - I Belong To You.mp3
Johnny Faire - Bertha Lou.mp3
Johnny 'Scat' Brown - Indeed I Do.mp3
Lafayette-Yarborough - Cool, Cool Baby.mp3
Laura Lee Perkins - Come On Baby.mp3
Laura Lee Perkins - Gonna Rock My Baby Tonight.mp3
Lynn Pratt - Red Headed Woman.mp3
Ray Lynn - Mean, Mean Woman.mp3
Rocky Bill Ford - Mad Dog In Town.mp3
Ruckus Tyler - Rock Town Rock.mp3
Sandy Lee - Ballinn Keen.mp3
Wanda Jackson - Long Tall Sally.mp3
Werly Fairburn - All The Time.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD23
Abrey Cagle - Rock-a-Billy Boy.mp3
Andy Starr - I Wanna Go South.mp3
Billy Prager & His Caravans - Everybody's Rockin.mp3
Clyde Stacy & The Night Caps - Hoy Hoy.mp3
Curtis Johnson & The Windjammers - Baby Let's Play House.mp3
Dale Davis & His Tomcats - Gotta Rock.mp3
Dale Vaughn & The Starnotes - High Steppin.mp3
George Fleming - The Shake.mp3
Jackie Cray - Maybelle.mp3
Jackie Lee Cochran - Riverside Jump.mp3
Jeff Daniels - Daddy-O-Rock.mp3
Jim Murphy - I'm Gone, Mama.mp3
Jimmy Ford - You're Gonna Be Sorry.mp3
Joe Gradie & The Wesyern Gents - Rock-a-Billie Music.mp3
Kenny Parchman - Get It Off Your Mind.mp3
Lorelei Lynn - Rock a Bop.mp3
Norman Witcher - Somebody's Been Rocking My Boat.mp3
Rocky Bill Ford - Have You Seen Mabel.mp3
Ronnie Self - Pretty Bad Blues.mp3
Royce Porter & The Kounts - Lookin'.mp3
Sonny Fisher - Hey Mama.mp3
Thomas Wayne - You're The One That Done It.mp3
Tony & Jackie Lamie & The Swing Kings - Sunset Blues.mp3
Wanda Jackson - Tongue Tied.mp3
Werly Fairburn - Telephone Baby.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD24
Art Adams & The Rhythm Knights - Indian Joe.mp3
Aubrey Cagle - Real Cool.mp3
Bill Browning - Love Left Over.mp3
Bozo Ratliff - Let Me In.mp3
Cecil Campbell - Rock & Roll Fever.mp3
Charles Senns - Gee Whiz Liz.mp3
Curt Jensen - Just For You.mp3
Curtis Gordon - Rock, Roll, Jump And Jive.mp3
Dale Davis & His Tomcats - Thatns Baby.mp3
Don Feger & The Embers - Look Out Baby.mp3
Elroy Dietzel & The Rhythm Bandits - Teenage Ball.mp3
George 'Thumper' Jones - White Lightninn.mp3
Jackie Lee Cochran - I Wanna See You.mp3
Jimmy Evans - The Jointns Really Jumpinn.mp3
Johnny Elmore & The Silver-Tones - War Chant Boogie.mp3
Norman Witcher - Wake Me Up.mp3
Orville Fox & The Harmony Masters - Honey, You Talk Too Much.mp3
Pee Wee Trahan - Bop And Rock Tonight.mp3
Ray Campi & John & Henry - Play It Cool.mp3
Ray Scott & The Demens - You Drive Me Crazy.mp3
Rocket Morgan - Tag Along.mp3
Sonny Cole & His Rhythm Roamers - Curfew Cops.mp3
The Hi-Tombs - Sweet Rockinn Mama.mp3
Tony & Jackie Lamie & The Swing Kings - Wore To A Frazzel.mp3
Walter Brown - Alley Cat.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD25
Al Oster - Midnight Sun Rock.mp3
Aubrey Cagle - Bop `n` Stroll.mp3
Bill Sherill - Cadillac Baby.mp3
Billy 'Crash' Craddock - Birddogginn.mp3
Bobby Roberts - Hop, Skip And Jump.mp3
Buddy Miller - Little Bo Pete.mp3
Chuck Mills & The Monarchs - Shens Mine.mp3
Don Feger & The Embers - Date On The Corner.mp3
Dorsey Burnette - Letns Fall In Love.mp3
Elaine Gay - Rock Love.mp3
Gene La Marr & His Blue Flames - Just A Little Bit Longer.mp3
Gerry Middleton - Donnt Be Shy.mp3
Glen Garrison - Lovinn Lorene.mp3
Harry Carter - Rhythm In My Soul.mp3
Jimmy Johnson - How About Me, Pretty Baby.mp3
Joe Tate & The Hi-Fives - Satellite Rock.mp3
John Hampton - Shadow Blues.mp3
Johnny Bond - Three Or Four Nights.mp3
Johnny Faire - Til The Law Say Stop.mp3
Mike McAlister - I Donnt Dig It.mp3
Pee Wee Trahan - Keepinn All My Lovinn.mp3
Ray Campi & John & Henry - Catapillar.mp3
Roy Moss - Yes Juanitans Mine.mp3
Simon Crum (Ferlin Husky) - Stand Up, Sit Down, Shut Your Mouth.mp3
Wally Hughes - Convertible Car.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD26
Arthur Smith w,Carol Honeycutt - Teen-Age Rebel (Carol Honeycutt-vocals).mp3
Aubrey Cagle - Be-Bop Blues.mp3
Bob Hicks & The Youngsters - Hassle It Jack.mp3
Bobby Louis - Cell Of Love.mp3
Bobby Norris - I Went Rockinn.mp3
Charlie Stewart & The Gem Tones - Old Age And Rough Treatment.mp3
Cliffie Stone - Barracuda.mp3
Del Reeves - Baby I Love You.mp3
Don Feger & The Embers - Donnt Be Mad.mp3
Don Ray & The Rodeo Ramblers - Those Rocknn Roll Blues.mp3
Doug Amerson & Peck Gregory & His Dude Cowboys - Bop Man Bop.mp3
Frank Deaton & The Mad Lads - Just A Little Bit More.mp3
Gene Vincent - You Told A Fib.mp3
Johnny Fallin - Party Kiss.mp3
Ken Copeland - Where The Rio Rosa Flows.mp3
Kenny Loran - I Chickened Out.mp3
Kenny Owen - I Got The Bug.mp3
Lonnie Barron - Teenage Queen.mp3
Lou Millet - Shorty The Barber.mp3
Milt Forrester - Crawdad Hole.mp3
Ray Coleman - My Rock And Roll Baby.mp3
Rudy Grayzell - There's Gonna Be A Ball.mp3
Simon Crum (Ferlin Huskey) - Bop Cat Bop.mp3
Tommy Sands - Playinn The Field.mp3
Tracey Pendarvis - Give Me Lovinn.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD27
Andy Dio - Daisy Mae.mp3
Aubrey Cagle - Want To Be Wanted Blues.mp3
Bill Allen - Please Give Me Something.mp3
Bill Mack - Play My Boogie.mp3
Billy Don Hart - Rock-Bop-a-Lena.mp3
Bob Davis - Rock To The Music.mp3
Bob Hicks & The Fenders - Baby Sittin' All The Time.mp3
Buddy Knox - Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep.mp3
Charlie Bop Trio - Mister Big Feet.mp3
Don 'Red' Roberts - Only One.mp3
Eddie Cochran - Cradle Baby.mp3
Eddie Fontaine - Cool It Baby.mp3
Jack Hammer - Girls, Girls, Girls.mp3
Jimmy Lloyd - Where The Rio Rosa Flows.mp3
Jo Ann Campbell - You're Driving Me Mad.mp3
Johnny & Dorsey Burnette - Do Baby Do.mp3
Johnny Fallin - Party Line.mp3
Johnny Strickland - That's Baby.mp3
Mack Vickery - Goin' Back To St. Louis.mp3
Ricky Nelson - You Tear Me Up.mp3
Roc LaRue - Baby Take Me Back.mp3
The Rio Rockers - Mexicali Baby.mp3
The Skee Brothers - Romeo Joe.mp3
Tommy Sands - Maybellene.mp3
Wanda Jackson - I Wanna Waltz.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD28
Al Casey - Willa Mae.mp3
Bobby Lonero - Little Bit.mp3
Brad Suggs - Charcoal Suit.mp3
Charlie Feathers - Get With It.mp3
Cliff Gleaves - Long Black Hearse.mp3
Cliff Gleaves - Love Is My Business.mp3
Dennis Herrold - Make With The Lovinn.mp3
Dick Wade - Bop Bop Baby.mp3
Eddie Bonds - Flip, Flop Mama.mp3
Eddie Cochran - Mean When Inm Mad.mp3
Hank Swatley - Oakie Boogie.mp3
Jackie Walker - Only Teenagers Allowed.mp3
Johnny Burnette - Me And The Bear.mp3
Johnny Burnette, Dorsey Burnette - Warm Love.mp3
Laura Lee Perkins - Oh La Baby.mp3
Lew Williams - Abracadabra.mp3
Lew Williams - Centipede.mp3
Nick Venet - Love In The Bop Time.mp3
Ricky Nelson - Waitinn In School.mp3
Sammy Gowans - Rockinn By Myself.mp3
Slick Slavin - Speed Crazy.mp3
The Hi-Liters - Dance Me To Death.mp3
The Strikes - Rockinn.mp3
Tommy Garner - Kiss Me Sweet.mp3
Warren Miller - Everybodys Got A Baby But Me.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD29
Big 'T' Tyler - King Kong.mp3
Bill Thomas - Shakedown.mp3
Curley Griffin - Got Rockinn On My Mind.mp3
Dale Wayne - Juke Box Hop.mp3
Deke Wade - Tall Oak Tree.mp3
Dick Seaton - Juke Box Rock.mp3
Dickey Lee - Good Lovinn.mp3
Eddie Bond - Baby, Baby, Baby.mp3
Eddie Cochran - Long Tall Sally.mp3
Eddie Fontaine - One And Only.mp3
Evelyn Harlene - I Wanta Be Free.mp3
Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones - Boppinn Rock Boogie.mp3
John Worthan - Too, Too Many.mp3
Johnny Burnette - Sweet Baby Doll.mp3
Kenny Parchman - Treat Me Right.mp3
Lloyd McCollough - Gonna Love My Baby.mp3
Merdell Floyd - Juke Box Mama.mp3
Orangie Hubbard - Look What I Found.mp3
Patsy Clark - Watcha Do To Me.mp3
Ray Taylor - My Hamtramck Baby.mp3
Rusty York - Sadie Mae.mp3
The Echomores - Little Chick.mp3
Tommy Blake - Flat Foot Sam.mp3
Tommy Blake - Kooiit Baby.mp3
Warren Smith - I Got Love If You Want It.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD30
Bill Woods - Phone Me Baby.mp3
Billy Adams - Rock, Pretty Mama.mp3
Bobby Crown & The Kapers - One Way Ticket.mp3
Buddy Covelle - Lorraine.mp3
Chuck Howard - Crazy, Crazy Baby.mp3
Eddie Gaines & The Rockin' Five - Be-Bop-Battlin' Ball.mp3
Glen Glenn - Everybody's Movin'.mp3
Henry Wilson & The Bluenotes - Are You Ready.mp3
Herbie Smith - So Wild Over You.mp3
J. Mikel - Bettyjean Rock.mp3
Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones - Penny Loafers And Bobby Socks.mp3
Junior Gravley - You Lied To Me Honey.mp3
Lattie Moore - Juke Box Johnnie.mp3
Lee Mitchell - Rootie Tootie Baby.mp3
Lee Mitchell - Who's That Big Man.mp3
Lynn Pratt - They're Learning.mp3
N.A. Stephenson - Boogie Woogie Country Girl.mp3
Nino & The Ebb Tides - Juke Box Saturday Night.mp3
Ronny Keenan - Juke Box Queen.mp3
Roxie Williams - Fifteen Seconds.mp3
The Cruisers - Betty Ann.mp3
The James Boys - Back Rub.mp3
Tiny Tim & His Tornadoes - I've Gotta Find Someone.mp3
Turner Moore & Charley Moore w,The Crystals - I'll Be Leavin' You.mp3
Willie Goodson - Put A Nickel In The Juke Box.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD31
Andy Starr & The Casinos - Just A-Walkinn.mp3
Art Buchanan - Queen From Bowling Green.mp3
Bob Hicks & The Fenders - Rock, Baby, Rock.mp3
Curtis Long & The Rhythm Rockers - Hootchy Cootchy.mp3
Danny Dill - Inm Hungry For Your Lovinn.mp3
David Ray - Lonesome Baby Blues.mp3
Deacon & The Rock 'n' Rollers - Rockinn On The Moon.mp3
F.D. Johnson - Be My Baby.mp3
Gene Norman - Snaggletooth Ann.mp3
Grady Lewis & The Starlighters - Rompinn Stompinn.mp3
J. Mikel - Sweetest Thing.mp3
Jack Winston - Itns Rock And Roll.mp3
Jim Foley - Goodbye Train.mp3
Jimmy Grubbs - Letns Rock Tonite.mp3
Jimmy Witter - If You Love My Woman.mp3
Ken Davis - Shook Shake.mp3
Larry Donn - Honey-Bun.mp3
Lloyd Arnold - Hang Out.mp3
Orangie Hubbard - Sweet Love.mp3
Parker Cunningham - Dry Run.mp3
Ronnie Haig - Rocking With The Rhythm And Blues.mp3
Sonny Cole & His Rhythm Roamers - Robinson Crusoe Bop.mp3
Speck & Doyle - Music To My Ear.mp3
The Braves - Woodpecker Rock.mp3
The Lonesome Drifter - Eager Boy.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD32
Benny Joy - Steady With Betty.mp3
Bobbie Lawson - If You Want My Love.mp3
Buck Trail - Knocked Out Joint On Mars.mp3
Chan Romero - Hippy Hippy Shake.mp3
Chuck Comer - Little More Lovinn.mp3
Don Phillips & Bill Dorton - Milkshake Mademoiselle.mp3
Don Wade - Gone, Gone, Gone.mp3
Gene Maltais - The Raging Sea.mp3
Henry Henry - Baggie Maggie.mp3
J. D. Orr & His Lonesome Valley Boys - Hula Hoop Boogie.mp3
Jim & Rod - Didnnt It Rock.mp3
Jimmy Dane - Please Have Mercy.mp3
Jimmy Dane - Tattle Tale.mp3
Johnny Amelio & Bill Paradis - Jo Ann, Jo Ann.mp3
Johnny Amelio & Bill Paradis - Jugue.mp3
Johnny Powers - Rock, Rock.mp3
Leroy Wilkerson - Backfired.mp3
Marvin Rainwater - Whole Lotta Woman.mp3
Mel McGonnigle - Shakinn Mama.mp3
Merle Kilgore - Dirty Ernie.mp3
Phil Barclay - Short Fat Ben.mp3
Ray Sawyer - Rockinn Satellite.mp3
The Belvederes - Hens A Square.mp3
The Franklin Brothers - So Real.mp3
Tommy 'Jim' Beam - My Little Jewel.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD33
Al Casey - Givenn Up.mp3
Billy Cee - Little Boy Donnt Go Running.mp3
Bob King - Rock Meeting.mp3
Bobby Jackson - Hiccups.mp3
Chan Romero - I Want Some More.mp3
Chuck Wiley - Tear It Up.mp3
Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys - Giddy Up Ding Dong.mp3
Groovy Joe Poovey - Ten Long Fingers.mp3
Jamie Coe - Summertime Symphony.mp3
Jay Hadley - Dance, Baby, Dance.mp3
Jerry Byrne - Carry On.mp3
Jim Wilson & The Flares - Have A Tear On Me.mp3
Jimmy Dee - Here I Come.mp3
Jody Reynolds - Tight Capris.mp3
Joel Hill - I Thaught It Over.mp3
Mark Robinson (Lee Hazlewood) - Pretty Jane.mp3
Mel Robbins - Save It.mp3
Ray Smith - Rockinn Bandit.mp3
Ray Smith - You Made A Hit.mp3
Ritchie Valens - Come On Letns Go.mp3
Rockin' Bradley - Lookout.mp3
The Bopper & Bob - Pull It Man.mp3
Tony Bassett - Rockinn Little Mama.mp3
Wally Deane - Rockinn With Rosie.mp3
Warren Smith - Sweet Sweet Girl.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD34
Bill Parsons - Hot Rod Volkswagen.mp3
Bobby Poe & The Poe-Cats - Piano Nellie.mp3
Chan Romero - My Little Ruby.mp3
Chuck Tharpe & The Fireballs - Long, Long Ponytail.mp3
Danny Reeves - Inm A Hobo.mp3
Dean Beard & The Crew Cats - Rakinn And Scrapinn.mp3
Jimmy Dee - Henrietta.mp3
Jimmy Dee - Younre Late Miss Kate.mp3
Jimmy Isle - Billy Boy.mp3
Joe Clay - Slippinn Out And Sneakinn In.mp3
Lelan Rogers & His Friends - Hold It.mp3
Lew Williams - Cat Talk.mp3
Mickey Gilley - My Babyns Been Cheatinn Again.mp3
Myron Lee - Baby Sittinn.mp3
Paul Chaplain & His Emeralds - Nicotine.mp3
Paul Griffin - Rag Doll Baby.mp3
Sammy Gowans - Kissinn At The Drive-In.mp3
The Bell Notes - White Buck Skin Sneakers.mp3
The Deans - Humpty Dumpty.mp3
The Mark IV - The Shake.mp3
The Traits - Live It Up.mp3
The Tu-Tones - Saccarin Sally.mp3
The Velvets - Wild Little Willie.mp3
Tommy Wood - Cannt Play Hookey.mp3
Troy Ferguson - At The Jamboree.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD35
Al Epp & The Pharoahs - Breaking My Heart.mp3
Alvis Wayne - Swing Bop Boogie.mp3
Benny Joy - Little Red Book.mp3
Billy Lee Riley - Got The Water Boiling.mp3
Bobby Lee Trammell - I Sure Do Love You Baby.mp3
Bobby Lee Trammell - My Susie Jane.mp3
Curtis Long - Going Out On The Town.mp3
Dennis Volk - Younre The One.mp3
Dinky Harris & The Spades - She Left Me Cryinn.mp3
Earl Henry - My Suzanne.mp3
Gene Brown - Big Door.mp3
George 'Thumper' Jones - Rock It.mp3
Glenn Bland - When My Baby Passes By.mp3
Glenn Honeycutt - Rock 'all Night.mp3
Hal Goodson & The Raiders - Later Baby.mp3
Lee Cole - Cool Baby.mp3
Marvin Rainwater - Mister Blues.mp3
Mickey Gilley - Tell Me Why.mp3
Mike Waggoner - Coming Up.mp3
Rocky Davis - Hot Rod Baby.mp3
Sonny Burgess - Ainnt Got A Thing.mp3
Tommy Lam - Speed Limit.mp3
Tooter Boatman & The Chaparrals - The Will Of Love.mp3
Trini Lopez - The Right To Rock.mp3
Warren Smith - Miss Froggie.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD36
Bill Mack - Fat Woman.mp3
Bill Mack - Itns Saturday Night.mp3
Bob Dewitt - Annie Mae.mp3
Buddy Shaw - Donnt Sweep That Dirt On Me.mp3
Cliff Blakley - Want To Be With You.mp3
Clyde Owens & The Moonlight Ramblers - Swing It Little Katy.mp3
Don Gibson - Sweet Sweet Girl.mp3
Doug Bragg - Pretty Little Thing.mp3
Eddie Skelton - Keep It Swinging.mp3
Fred Crawford - Rock Candy Rock.mp3
Jay Gallegher - Crazy Legs.mp3
Johnny Horton - Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor.mp3
Ken Hammock & The Tennessee Valley Gang - Blue Guitar Jump.mp3
Link Davis - Grasshopper Rock.mp3
Link Davis - Sixteen Chicks.mp3
Lou Walker - Little Bitty Man.mp3
Ray Mccoy - I Need It.mp3
Ric Cartey & The Jivatones - Scratching On My Screen.mp3
Rock Rogers - Little Rock Rock.mp3
Rudy Grayzell - Letns Get Wild.mp3
Rudy Grayzell - Younre Gone.mp3
Sleepy LaBeef - Little Bit More.mp3
Sonny Fisher - Rockinn Daddy.mp3
Truitt Forse - Chicken Bop.mp3
Wally Willette - Pink Elephants.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD37
Alden Holloway - Blast Off.mp3
Amos Como & His Tune Toppers - Hole In The Wall.mp3
Billy Brown - Did We Have A Party.mp3
Bobby Darin - Bullmoose.mp3
Bobby Lord - Everybodyns Rockinn But Me.mp3
Carl Perkins - Pointed Toe Shoes.mp3
Cliff Blakley - Get Off My Toe.mp3
Freddie Hart - Dig Boy Dig.mp3
Glenn Barber - Feeling No Pain.mp3
Groovy Joe Poovey - Move Around.mp3
Hank Thompson - Rockinn In The Congo.mp3
J.C. Sawyer - Goinn Steppinn.mp3
Jimmy Carroll - Big Green Car.mp3
Link Davis - Trucker From Tennessee.mp3
Link Wray - Rawhide.mp3
Onie Wheeler - Goinn Back To The City.mp3
Pete Peters & The Rhythm Makers - Dizzy.mp3
Ronnie Self - Younre So Right For Me.mp3
Rudy Grayzell - Ducktail.mp3
Sid King & The Five Strings - Sag, Drag And Fall.mp3
Sonny Fisher - I Cannt Lose.mp3
Sonny Fisher - Rockinn And Rollinn.mp3
The Collins Kids - Hoy Hoy.mp3
The Echo Valley Boys & Bill Browning - Wash Machine Boogie.mp3
Tommy Nelson - Hobo Bop.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD38
Andy Anderson - Tough, Tough, Tough.mp3
Bill Pinky - After The Hop.mp3
Carl Perkins - Put Your Cat Clothes On.mp3
Charlie Rich - Whirlwind.mp3
Curtis Hoback - Apron Strings.mp3
Don Cole - Snake Eyed Mama.mp3
Don Rader - Rocknn Roll Grandpap.mp3
Don Willis - Warrior Sam.mp3
Eddie Bush - Hey Baby Doll.mp3
Eddie Cash - Doinn Alright.mp3
Ernie Barton - Stairway To Nowhere.mp3
Jerry Lee Lewis - In The Mood.mp3
Jesse Lee Turner - Put Me Down.mp3
Jody Reynolds - Beulah Lee.mp3
Johnny Carroll - Thatns The Way I Love.mp3
Junior Thompson - Mamans Little Baby.mp3
Lloyd Arnold - Red Coat, Green Pants And Red Suede Shoes.mp3
Mack Self - I Vibrate.mp3
Macy (Skip) Skipper - Quicksand Love.mp3
Marlon Grisham - Ainnt That A Dilly.mp3
Pat Ferguson - Fool I Am.mp3
Ray Scott - Boppinn Wigwam Willie.mp3
Ronnie Burton - Somebodyns Been Babyinn My Baby.mp3
Wade Cagle - Fourty Days.mp3
Wally Jeffrey - Oh Yeah.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD39
Andy Anderson - Johnny Valentine.mp3
Bob Luman - Stranger Than Fiction.mp3
Conny & The Bellhops - Shot Rod.mp3
Dee & Patty - Whiz.mp3
Frank Starr & His Rock-Away Boys - Dig Them Squeaky Shoes.mp3
Gene Simmons - Drinkinn Wine.mp3
Gene Sisco - Grandmans Rock And Roll.mp3
Gene Vincent - Red Bluejeans And A Ponytail.mp3
Gene Wyatt - Prettiest Girl At The Dance.mp3
Glen Glenn - One Cup Of Coffee.mp3
Hayden Thompson - Fairlane Rock.mp3
Hoyt Scoggins - Tennessee Rock.mp3
Jimmie Martin - Combo Red Bobby Sox.mp3
Jimmy Dell - Rainbow Doll.mp3
Johnny Carroll - Crazy Crazy Lovinn.mp3
Johnny Carroll - Rock Baby Rock It.mp3
Lee Denson - New Shoes.mp3
Mel Smith & The Nite Riders - Pretty Plaid Skirt.mp3
Merl Lindsay - Hey, Hey Little Boy Blue.mp3
Ray Stanley - Letns Get Acquainted.mp3
Rex Ellis - Bop Hop Jamboree.mp3
Sonny Hall & The Echoes - My Big Fat Baby.mp3
The Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio - Sweet Love On My Mind.mp3
Tommy Spurlin - Hang Loose.mp3
Wynn Stewart - Come On.mp3

Rock-A-Billy Dynamite CD40
Alvis Wayne - Sleep Rock A Roll, Rock A Baby.mp3
Art Wood - Hey Jibbo.mp3
Carl Mann - Baby I Donnt Care.mp3
Cliff Richard & The Shadows (United Kingdom) - Dynamite.mp3
Dick Lory - Ball Room Baby.mp3
Dwain Bell - Rocknn Roll On A Saturday Night.mp3
Dwayne Hickman - School Dance.mp3
Eddie Bond - Slip Slip Slippinn In.mp3
Gene Maltais - Crazy Baby.mp3
Gene Vincent - Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me.mp3
Gordon Terry - It Ainnt Right.mp3
Janis Martin - Two Long Years.mp3
Jerry McGill & The Topcats - Lovestruck.mp3
Jimmy & Johnny - Sweet Love On My Mind.mp3
Jimmy Alton - No More Crying The Blues.mp3
Johnny Chester - Hokey Pokey (Australia).mp3
Johnny O'Keefe - Real Wild Child (Australia).mp3
Les Cole & The Echoes - Be-Boppinn Baby.mp3
Peter & Zijn Rockets - De Hele Stad Is Gek En Dol (Netherlands).mp3
Peter & Zijn Rockets - Kom Van Dat Dak Af (Netherlands).mp3
Ray Harris - Wherend You Stay Last Night.mp3
Ray Melton - Boppinn Guitar.mp3
The Farmer Boys - Cool Down Mame.mp3
The LeGarde Twins (Australia) - Roll, Rock & Roll That Hula Hoop.mp3
The Van Brothers - Servant Of Love.mp3


Tel said...

This A Brilliant Collection Which I Already Have.
It's A Great Set For Anyone Discovering Rockabilly For The First Time.

Ozzieguy said...

Yes Tel I totally agree, this is a great set of albums to listen too.

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Tanks,, Rockabilly Rule O.K 50s