Thursday, December 22, 2022

Ringo Starr - Discography - 320kbps

Ringo Starr - Discography

Ringo Starr anchored the Beatles with a smile and a thundering backbeat, qualities he'd never lose during the group's heyday or through his long solo career. Starr often took the spotlight in the Beatles -- he stole scenes in their feature film debut, A Hard Day's Night, he sang "Yellow Submarine," the 1966 number one single that launched a 1968 psychedelic animated film of the same name -- but he didn't start writing original material until the band's final years, penning "Don't Pass Me By" for The Beatles and "Octopus's Garden" for Abbey Road. While Ringo would pen a number of hits in the first years of his solo career -- "It Don't Come Easy" and "Back Off Boogaloo," his first two U.K. Top Tens, were written by him alone -- he'd soon rely on a blend of covers, originals, and songs given to him by his wide circle of friends, colleagues, and admirers. He'd rely on this group in the third act of his career, when he formed the All-Starr Band in 1989. Over the years, the lineup of the All-Starr Band would change, but the group remained a constant for Starr, allowing him to tour the world on a regular basis. Ringo revived his solo career with 1992's Time Takes Time, an album that performed a similar function in the studio as the All-Starr Band did on-stage: it opened up the door to steady work as a performer. Starr continued to tour with the All-Starr Band and record on his own into the 2010s, turning out collections of new music nearly as often as he launched new tours.


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