Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Seekers [Australian Artist] - Discography - 320kbps


The Seekers are an Australian folk-influenced pop quartet, originally formed in Melbourne in 1962. They were the first Australian pop music group to achieve major chart and sales success in the United Kingdom and the United States. They were popular during the 1960s with their best-known configuration as: Judith Durham on vocals, piano, and tambourine; Athol Guy on double bass and vocals; Keith Potger on twelve-string guitar, banjo, and vocals; and Bruce Woodley on guitar, mandolin, banjo, and vocals.

1963 - Introducing The Seekers

1964 - Hide & Seekers

1964 - The Four & Only Seekers

1964 - The Seekers

1965 - A World Of Our Own

1965 - The Seekers Sing Their Big Hits

1966 - Come the Day

1966 - Georgy Girl

1967 - Introducing The Seekers Big Hits

1967 - Seekers Seen in Green

1967 - The Seekers

1967 - The Seekers Return

1968 - Live at The Talk of The Town

1968 - More of the Fabulous Seekers

1968 - The Best Of The Seekers

1968 - The Silver Jubilee Album

1969 - The Carnival Is Over

1969 - The Seekers

1993 - 25 Year Reunion Celebration Live In Concert

1997 - Future Road

1998 - The Very Best Of

2000 - Carnival Of Hits Tour

2001 - Morningtown Ride To Christmas

2004 - A's, B's & EP's

2007 - The Ultimate Collection
CD01 - CD02

2009 - Greatest Hits

2012 - The Golden Jubilee Album
CD01 - CD02

2013 - Farewell (Live)

2015 - Blowin' in the Wind

2016 - We're Moving On

2019 - We Wish You A Merry Christmas

2020 - Hidden Treasures - The Rarities Collection, Volume 1

2020 - Hidden Treasures - The Rarities Collection, Volume 2

2021 - Live In The UK
CD01 - CD02


PB said...

The first isn't making the link to MFire.

My parents had this one when I was a kid in the 60s.

Ozzieguy said...

Sorry PB, link now fixed.

Jaume Ballester said...

Thanks for this post. I have all the Seekers albums, but thank you for the "Live" albums.
Can you upload Judith Durham's albums without The Seekers? Thanks!!!

Ozzieguy said...

I will when I get a chance.

Johnrock'andmore said...

Thank you for the post

Ozzieguy said...

Very welcome

Dusty said...

The World of The Seekers (1968 TV Special).mp4 movie

the Seekers / Future Road 1987 LP Fac


the Seekers Farewell - The Golden Jubilee Australian Farewell Tour 2013 (Live sound only)


Dusty said...

the Seekers Hidden Treasures


The Seekers / Bound for Morningtown 4 cd set 2019 and in flac
CD 1

cd 2

cd 3

cd 4

Art of living said...


Great job, many good and rare albums You have...
I'm looking for this rare album - The Seekers - A Little Bit of Country (1980), you don't happen to have it?

Ozzieguy said...

Hello Art of Living,
Yes I do have that album in my studio, I shall search for it and share it as soon as possible for you.

Ozzieguy said...

Sorry, I found the LP but it is awfully scratched and not playable.

Art of living said...

So sorry to heard about that...
But do You have something of Julie Anthony. I have only 2 LP-s - China Blue (1983) and The Ultimate Collection (2015), but there are many more...If You find something, I'll be very happy.

Ozzieguy said...

Yes Art of living, I do have some of her albums.
I will have a look and share once I Rip and Upload them.

Chocoreve said...

Thanks for the Seekers !

Tom said...

hello Ozzieguy, thanks for your offer of great seekers albums.Do you had time and have looked after 1. a Danny Rivers album and 2.the incomplete joe meek song I asked for? Greetings Thomas

Ozzieguy said...

Hello Chocoreve
I hope you are doing well my friend.
I see that you have a blog also but have to be a member, can I become a member please.
Thank you Chocoreve.


Ozzieguy said...

Hi Tom,
I am sorry mate, my CD has a scratch on it son I am unable to fix that single if it is short timed.

Tom said...

Hello Ozzieguy, many thanks for looking.It is sad, that one of the best Joe Meek acetates is forever lost.Perhaps you have the chance to get the single again. Then please give in your blog.Thanks Greetings Thomas

Chocoreve said...

I have a blog for my personal use. Everything I share you can get it from :
in the "…and now for something completely different!" comments.
Today I offer :
Rare Rock n Roll Tracks Of The 50s & 60s
Blue Soul Belles
The Goastt - 2010 Ghost of a Saber Tiger - The Acoustic Sessions
Feel free to d/l whatever you like.
All the best.

Chocoreve said...
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Marty said...

G'day OzzieGuy, thanks for The Seekers collection. Even more precious now that our beloved Judith has joined the angels above. Would you by any chance have the albums without Judith ( the ones with Louisa Wisseling and Julie Anthony)? Cheers mate

Ozzieguy said...

Hello Marty,
Thank you for your message mate, nice to hear from you.
So sad that Judith passed away, I do have a few of those albums that you mentioned, I just need to find them in my studio and hopefully they are ok and not scratched etc.

Kenny 🍀 said...

Thanks very much

Anonymous said...

thank you