Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Johnny O'Keefe [Aust] [RIP] - Discography

Johnny O'Keefe - Discography

Born: January 19, 1935 - Died: October 6, 1978
John Michael O'Keefe, known as Johnny O'Keefe (19 January 1935 – 6 October 1978), was an Australian rock and roll singer whose career began in the 1950s. Some of his hits include "Wild One" (1958), "Shout!" and "She's My Baby". In his twenty-year career, O'Keefe released over fifty singles, 50 EPs and 100 albums.
With just a little assistance from promoter Lee Gordon, Johnny O'Keefe single-handedly willed Australian rock & roll into existence. Canadian-born but settled in Sydney, Lee Gordon was bringing international talent to Australia. He had made and lost several fortunes already and was back on in the black when rock & roll arrived. He followed tours by "Nat King Cole" and Johnnie Ray by bringing a package tour headlined by Bill Haley and the Comets, the opening to their history making world tour.


lazy said...

thanks for the selection of johnny okeefe. he was a great artist .always remembered. keith

Aussie said...

thank you 4 the Johnny O'Keefe nice upload

Vera Lane said...

Thanks Ozzieguy for Johnny O'Keeffe.

Ozzieguy said...

Very welcome Vera. Johnny was a great guy and an awesome entertainer.

Rob said...

Thanks Ozzieguy for this fabulous collection of Johnny O'Keefe music. I note that Track 9 "Unchained Melody" was omitted from the "Oldies But Goldies" Album. If you have that track, can you please include it.

Ozzieguy said...

Hello Rob
I will check that track, I think it was because my LP had a scratch on it