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Status Quo - Discography (1968-2011) - 320kbps

Status Quo - Discography

Two south London fellows called Alan Lancaster (bass) and Francis Rossi (guitar) founded the band "The Spectres" in 1962 (see The Spectres). At that time, Mr. Rossi preferred to call himself Mike after one of his second names.
In 1966, the band changed their name to "Traffic", shortly thereafter to "Traffic Jam" (see Traffic Jam). The lineup consisted of Lancaster, Rossi, John Coghlan (drums) and Roy Lynes (keyboard).
A year later, the band changed name once again to "The Status Quo". Rick Parfitt (guitar) joined the band. Their first hit record, "Pictures of Matchstick Men", was released. "The" was soon omitted from the name of the band, known thereafter as just "Status Quo"

1999 - Essential_Quo

2001 - Rockers_Rollin_-_Quo_in_Time

2001 - Rockin_All_Over_the_World

2001 - The_Technicolor_Dreams

2002 - The_Swedish_Collection

2004 - The_Complete_Pye_Collection
CD01 -CD02 - CD03

2004 - XS_All_Areas
CD01 - CD02

2005 - Gold
CD01 - CD02

2008 - Pictures_40_Years_of_Hits
CD01 - CD02

2008 - The_Status_Quo_Story
CD01 - CD02

2010 - Live_at_the_BBC
CD01 - CD02 - CD03 - CD04 - CD05 - CD06 - CD07

2010 - Live_in_the_Netherlands
CD01 - CD02


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