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Friday, February 28, 2020

Queen - Discography - 320kbps

Queen - Discography

Few bands embodied the pure excess of the '70s like Queen. Embracing the exaggerated pomp of prog rock and heavy metal, as well as vaudevillian music hall, the British quartet delved deeply into camp and bombast, creating a huge, mock-operatic sound with layered guitars and overdubbed vocals. Queen's music was a bizarre yet highly accessible fusion of the macho and the fey. For years, their albums boasted the motto "no synthesizers were used on this record," signaling their allegiance with the legions of post-Led Zeppelin hard rock bands. But vocalist Freddie Mercury brought an extravagant sense of camp to Queen, pushing them toward kitschy humor and pseudo-classical arrangements, as epitomized on their best-known song, "Bohemian Rhapsody." Mercury, it must be said, was a flamboyant bisexual who managed to keep his sexuality in the closet until his death from AIDS in 1991. Through his legendary theatrical performances, Queen became one of the most popular bands in the world in the mid-'70s; in England, they remained second only to the Beatles.

1973 - At The Beeb
01 - My Fairy King.mp3
02 - Keep Yourself Alive.mp3
03 - Doin´ Alright.mp3
04 - Liar.mp3
05 - Ogre Battle.mp3
06 - Great King Rat.mp3
07 - Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll.mp3
08 - Son And Daughter.mp3

1973 - Queen
01 Keep Yourself Alive.mp3
02 Doing Alright.mp3
03 Great King Rat.mp3
04 My Fairy King.mp3
05 Liar.mp3
06 The Night Comes Down.mp3
07 Modern Times Rock 'N Roll.mp3
08 Son And Daughter.mp3
09 Jesus.mp3
10 Seven Seas Of Rhye.mp3

1974 - Sheer Heart Attack
01 Brighton Rock.mp3
02 Killer Queen.mp3
03 Tenement Funster.mp3
04 Flick Of The Wrist.mp3
05 Lily Of The Valley.mp3
06 Now I'm Here.mp3
07 In The Lap Of The Gods.mp3
08 Stone Cold Crazy.mp3
09 Dear Friends.mp3
10 Misfire.mp3
11 Bring Back That Leroy Brown.mp3
12 She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos).mp3
13 In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited.mp3

1975 - A Night At The Opera
01 Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...).mp3
02 Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon.mp3
03 I'm In Love With My Car.mp3
04 You're My Best Friend.mp3
05 '39.mp3
06 Sweet Lady.mp3
07 Seaside Rendezvous.mp3
08 The Prophet's Song.mp3
09 Love Of My Life.mp3
10 Good Company.mp3
11 Bohemian Rhapsody.mp3
12 God Save The Queen.mp3

1976 - A Day At The Races
01 Tie Your Mother Down.mp3
02 You Take My Breath Away.mp3
03 Long Away.mp3
04 The Millionaire Waltz.mp3
05 You And I.mp3
06 Somebody To Love.mp3
07 White Man.mp3
08 Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy.mp3
09 Drowse.mp3
10 Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together).mp3

1977 - News Of The World
01 We Will Rock You.mp3
02 We Are The Champions.mp3
03 Sheer Heart Attack.mp3
04 All Dead All Dead.mp3
05 Spread Your Wings.mp3
06 Fight From The Inside.mp3
07 Get Down Make Love.mp3
08 Sleeping On The Sidewalk.mp3
09 Who Needs You.mp3
10 It's Late.mp3
11 My Melancholy Blues.mp3

1978 - Jazz
01 Mustapha.mp3
02 Fat Bottomed Girls.mp3
03 Jealousy.mp3
04 Bicycle Race.mp3
05 If You Can't Beat Them.mp3
06 Let Me Entertain You.mp3
07 Dead On Time.mp3
08 In Only Seven Days.mp3
09 Dreamer's Ball.mp3
10 Fun It.mp3
11 Leaving Home Ain't Easy.mp3
12 Don't Stop Me Now.mp3
13 More Of That Jazz.mp3

1979 - Live Killers
01 We Will Rock You (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
02 Let Me Entertain You (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
03 Death On Two Legs (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
04 Killer Queen (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
05 Bicycle Race (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
06 I'm In Love With My Car (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
07 Get Down Make Love (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
08 You're My Best Friend (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
09 Now I'm Here (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
10 Dreamer's Ball (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
11 Love Of My Life (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
12 '39 (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
13 Keep Yourself Alive (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3

01 Don't Stop Me Now (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
02 Spread Your Wings (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
03 Brighton Rock (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
04 Bohemian Rhapsody (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
05 Tie Your Mother Down (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
06 Sheer Heart Attack (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
07 We Will Rock You.mp3
08 We Are The Champions (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3
09 God Save The Queen (Live European Tour - 1979).mp3

1980 - The Game
01 Play The Game.mp3
02 Dragon Attack.mp3
03 Another One Bites The Dust.mp3
04 Need Your Loving Tonight.mp3
05 Crazy Little Thing Called Love.mp3
06 Rock It (Prime Jive).mp3
07 Don't Try Suicide.mp3
08 Sail Away Sweet Sister.mp3
09 Coming Soon.mp3
10 Save Me.mp3

1982 - Hot Space
01 Staying Power.mp3
02 Dancer.mp3
03 Back Chat.mp3
04 Body Language.mp3
05 Action This Day.mp3
06 Put Out The Fire.mp3
07 Life Is Real (Song For Lennon).mp3
08 Calling All Girls.mp3
09 Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love).mp3
10 Cool Cat.mp3
11 Under Pressure.mp3

1984 - The Works
01 Radio Ga Ga.mp3
02 Tear It Up.mp3
03 It's A Hard Life.mp3
04 Man On The Prowl.mp3
05 Machines (Or Back To Humans).mp3
06 I Want To Break Free.mp3
07 Keep Passing The Open Windows.mp3
08 Hammer To Fall.mp3
09 Is This The World We Created.mp3

1986 - A Kind Of Magic
01 One Vision.mp3
02 A Kind Of Magic.mp3
03 One Year Of Love.mp3
04 Pain Is So Close To Pleasure.mp3
05 Friends Will Be Friends.mp3
06 Who Wants To Live Forever.mp3
07 Gimme The Prize.mp3
08 Don't Lose Your Head.mp3
09 Princes Of The Universe.mp3

1986 - Live At Wembley Stadium
01 One Vision.mp3
02 Tie Your Mother Down.mp3
03 In the Lap of the Gods...Revisited.mp3
04 Seven Seas of Rhye.mp3
05 Tear It Up.mp3
06 A Kind of Magic.mp3
07 Under Pressure.mp3
08 Another One Bites the Dust.mp3
09 Who Wants to Live Forever.mp3
10 I Want to Break Free.mp3
11 Impromptu.mp3
12 Brighton Rock Solo.mp3
13 Now I'm Here.mp3

01 Love of My Life.mp3
02 Is This the World We Created.mp3
03 (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care.mp3
04 Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart).mp3
05 Tutti Frutti.mp3
06 Gimme Some Lovin'.mp3
07 Bohemian Rhapsody.mp3
08 Hammer to Fall.mp3
09 Crazy Little Thing Called Love.mp3
10 Big Spender.mp3
11 Radio Ga Ga.mp3
12 We Will Rock You.mp3
13 Friends Will Be Friends.mp3
14 We Are the Champions.mp3
15 God Save the Queen.mp3

1989 - The Miracle
01 Party.mp3
02 Khashoggi's Ship.mp3
03 The Miracle.mp3
04 I Want It All.mp3
05 The Invisible Man.mp3
06 Breakthru.mp3
07 Rain Must Fall.mp3
08 Scandal.mp3
09 My Baby Does Me.mp3
10 Was It All Worth It.mp3

1991 - Innuendo
01 Innuendo.mp3
02 I'm Going Slightly Mad.mp3
03 Headlong.mp3
04 I Can't Live With You.mp3
05 Don't Try So Hard.mp3
06 Ride The Wild Wind.mp3
07 All God's People.mp3
08 These Are The Days Of Our Lives.mp3
09 Delilah.mp3
10 The Hitman.mp3
11 Bijou.mp3
12 The Show Must Go On.mp3

1992 - Classic Queen
01 - A Kind Of Magic.mp3
02 - Bohemian Rhapsody.mp3
03 - Under Pressure.mp3
04 - Hammer To Fall.mp3
05 - Stone Cold Crazy.mp3
06 - One Year Of Love.mp3
07 - Radio Ga Ga.mp3
08 - I´M Going Slightly Mad.mp3
09 - I Want It All.mp3
10 - Tie Your Mother Down.mp3
11 - The Miracle.mp3
12 - These Are The Days Of Our Lives.mp3
13 - One Vision.mp3
14 - Keep Yourself Alive.mp3
15 - Headlong.mp3
16 - Who Wants To Live Forever.mp3
17 - The Show Must Go On .mp3

1995 - Made In Heaven
01 It's A Beautiful Day.mp3
02 Made In Heaven.mp3
03 Let Me Live.mp3
04 Mother Love.mp3
05 My Life Has Been Saved.mp3
06 I Was Born To Love You.mp3
07 Heaven For Everyone.mp3
08 Too Much Love Will Kill You.mp3
09 You Don't Fool Me.mp3
10 A Winter's Tale.mp3
11 It's A Beautiful Day.mp3
12 Yeah.mp3
13 Untitled.mp3

2005 - Return Of The Champions
01 Reaching Out.mp3
02 Tie Your Mother Down.mp3
03 I Want To Break Free.mp3
04 Fat Bottomed Girls.mp3
05 Wishing Well.mp3
06 Another One Bites The Dust.mp3
07 Crazy Little Thing Called Love.mp3
08 Say It's Not True.mp3
09 '39.mp3
10 Love Of My Life.mp3
11 Hammer To Fall.mp3
12 Feel Like Makin' Love.mp3
13 Let There Be Drums.mp3
14 I'm In Love With My Car.mp3
15 Guitar Solo.mp3
16 Last Horizon.mp3

01 These Are The Days Of Our Lives.mp3
02 Radio Ga Ga.mp3
03 Can't Get Enough.mp3
04 A Kind Of Magic.mp3
05 I Want It All.mp3
06 Bohemian Rhapsody.mp3
07 The Show Must Go On.mp3
08 All Right Now.mp3
09 We Will Rock You.mp3
10 We Are The Champions.mp3
11 God Save The Queen.mp3

2008 - The Cosmos Rocks
01 Cosmos Rockin'.mp3
02 Time To Shine.mp3
03 Still Burnin'.mp3
04 Small.mp3
05 Warboys.mp3
06 We Believe.mp3
07 Call Me.mp3
08 Voodoo.mp3
09 Some Things That Glitter.mp3
10 C-lebrity.mp3
11 Through The Night.mp3
12 Say It's Not True.mp3
13 Surf's Up...School's Out.mp3
14 small reprise.mp3

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Stevie Wonder - Discography - 320kbps

Stevie Wonder - Discography

Stevie Wonder is a much-beloved American icon and an indisputable genius not only of R&B but popular music in general. Blind virtually since birth, Wonder's heightened awareness of sound helped him create vibrant, colorful music teeming with life and ambition. Nearly everything he recorded bore the stamp of his sunny, joyous positivity; even when he addressed serious racial, social, and spiritual issues (which he did quite often in his prime), or sang about heartbreak and romantic uncertainty, an underlying sense of optimism and hope always seemed to emerge. Much like his inspiration, Ray Charles, Wonder had a voracious appetite for many different kinds of music, and refused to confine himself to any one sound or style.

320kbps Bitrate

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Conversation Peace

Down To Earth

For Once In My Life

Hotter Than July



I Was Made To Love Her

Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants

Live At Talk Of The Town

My Cherie Amour

Signed Sealed And Delivered

Someday At Christmas

Songs In The Key Of Life

Stevie At The Beach

Stevie Wonder Live

Talking Book

The 12 Year Old Genius - Recorded Live

The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie

Tribute to Uncle Ray

Up-Tight Everything's Alright

Where I'm Coming From

With A Song In My Heart

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Minnie Riperton - Discography - 320kbps Bitrate

Minnie Riperton - Discography

Born:November 8, 1947 - Died:July 12, 1979

The tragic death of 31-year-old Minnie Riperton in 1979 silenced one of soul music's most unique and unforgettable voices. Blessed with an angelic five-octave vocal range, she scored her greatest commercial success with the chart-topping pop ballad "Lovin' You." Riperton was born in Chicago on November 8, 1947. As a youth she studied music, drama, and dance at the city's Abraham Lincoln Center and later contemplated a career in opera. Her pop career began in 1961 when she joined a local group called the Gems, signing to the famed Chess label to release a handful of singles as well as lend backing vocals to acts including Fontella Bass, the Dells, and Etta James. After graduating high school, Riperton went to work at Chess as a receptionist. Following the Gems' dissolution, she also signed with the label as a solo act, releasing a single, "Lonely Girl," under the alias Andrea Davis.

Diagnosed with breast cancer, she underwent a mastectomy in 1976, later becoming a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society and earning a Society Courage Award from then-President Jimmy Carter. Riperton continued performing despite her declining condition, with 1979's Minnie the final album completed during her lifetime. She died in L.A. on July 12 of that year. "Memory Lane," the biggest single off Minnie, was later nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

Roy Orbison [RIP] - Discography - 320kbps Birate

Roy Orbison - Discography

Born: April 23, 1936  -  Died: December 6, 1988
Although he shared the same rockabilly roots as Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison went on to pioneer an entirely different brand of country/pop-based rock & roll in the early '60s. What he lacked in charisma and photogenic looks, Orbison made up for in spades with his quavering operatic voice and melodramatic narratives of unrequited love and yearning. In the process, he established rock & roll archetypes of the underdog and the hopelessly romantic loser. These were not only amplified by peers such as Del Shannon and Gene Pitney, but also influenced future generations of roots rockers such as Bruce Springsteen and Chris Isaak, as well as modern country stars the Mavericks.

Orbison made his first widely distributed recordings for Sun Records in 1956. Roy was a capable rockabilly singer, and had a small national hit with his first Sun single, "Ooby Dooby." But even then, he was far more comfortable as a ballad singer than as a hepped-up rockabilly jive cat. Other Sun singles met with no success, and by the late '50s he was concentrating primarily on building a career as a songwriter, his biggest early success being "Claudette" (recorded by the Everly Brothers).

1999. Live From Birmingham

2006. The Essential Roy Orbison
CD01 - CD02

2008. The Soul Of Rock And Roll 
CD01 - CD02 - CD03 - CD04

2015 - M.G.M.  Years
14 CDs

2016. Crying Time