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Bobby Vee [R.I.P.] - DIscography

Bobby Vee

Born: April 30, 1943  - Died: October 24, 2016
Launching his career as a fill-in for the recently deceased Buddy Holly, Bobby Vee scored several pop hits during the early '60s, that notorious period of popular music sandwiched between the birth of rock & roll and the rise of the British Invasion. Though a few of his singles -- "Rubber Ball," for one -- were as innocuous as anything else from the era, Vee had a knack for infectious Brill Building pop, thanks to his ebullient voice as well as the cadre of songwriters standing behind him.

Born in Fargo, North Dakota in 1943, Robert Thomas Velline was still in his teens when he formed his first combo, the Shadows, with his brother Bill and their friend Bob Korum. The trio were playing around the area when their big break came, at the expense of one of Bobby's musical idols; the Winter Dance Party package tour, with Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper were on their way to Fargo when their plane went down in Iowa, killing all three. The Shadows were scheduled to play the date instead of Holly, and several months later, producer Tommy "Snuff" Garrett supervised their first recording session and the release of the single "Suzie Baby" on Soma Records. 


Steve said...

Hi Excellent blog and very much appreciated.

Just an observation that 1962 Take Good Care Of My Baby is a duplicate link for the previous album...the 09 file is missing from the series

Steve said...

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Just an observation that : 1962 Take Good Care Of My Baby is a duplicate link for the previous album and the 09 file is not there

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ausman said...

Contrary to your notes, Snuff Garrett had absolutely nothing to do with Vee's first record "Suzie Baby". That song was recorded By The Shadows for Soma Records which had no affiliation with Liberty Records. Garrett did not come into the picture until Vee signed with Liberty in early 1960, where he produced Vee's first Liberty record 'What Do You Want' / 'My Love Loves Me' in a split session with Johnny Burnette on 7 Jan 1960.

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