Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Bill Haley and The Comets - Discography

Bill Haley and The Comets

Bill Haley is the neglected hero of early rock & roll. Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly are ensconced in the heavens, transformed into veritable constellations in the rock music firmament, their music respected by writers and scholars as well as the record-buying public, virtually every note of music they ever recorded theoretically eligible for release. And among the living rock & roll pioneers, Chuck Berry is given his due in the music marketplace and by the history books, and Bo Diddley is acknowledged appropriately in the latter, even if his music doesn't sell the way it should. Yet Bill Haley -- who was there before any of them, playing rock & roll before it even had a name, and selling it in sufficient quantities out of a small Pennsylvania label to attract attention from the major labels before Presley was even recording in Memphis -- is barely represented by more than a dozen of his early singles, and recognized by the average listener for exactly two songs among the hundreds that he recorded; and he's often treated as little more than a glorified footnote, an anomaly that came and went very quickly, in most histories of the music. The truth is, Bill Haley came along a lot earlier than most people realize and the histories usually acknowledge, and he went on making good music for years longer than is usually recognized.

2007 - Rockabilly Original Masters


Shiloh said...

i dont get the connection between the "Paradise Island" forum and downloading

Ozzieguy said...

OPI is my forum and my music is there also, the reason I place the OPI link here and for people to join so they could D/L due to most of my albums being deleted here. However that has ceased thankfully.

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Fiuza said...

Fantástico esse acervo do pai do Rock'n Roll, mto obrigado mesmo!!

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>>Fantastic this collection of the father of Rock'n Roll, thank you very much!!

Very welcome Fiuza.