Monday, December 16, 2019

Barbara Mason - Discography

Barbara Mason

An interesting minor soul performer, Barbara Mason initially focused on songwriting when she entered the music business in her teens. As a performer, though, she had a huge hit in 1965 with her self-penned "Yes, I'm Ready" (number five pop, number two R&B), a fetching soul-pop confection that spotlighted her high, girlish vocals. One of the first examples of the sweet, lush sound that came to be called Philly soul, she had modest success throughout the rest of the decade on the small Arctic label, reaching the pop Top 40 again in 1965 with "Sad, Sad Girl."

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1965 - Yes I'm Ready
1968 - Oh How It Hurts
1972 - Give Me Your Love
1974 - Transition
1978 - I Am Your Woman She Is Your Wife
1984 - Another Man


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Let you know double tracks in Give me your love. Thanks

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Thank you, it is now fixed.