Sunday, March 14, 2021

Arthur Brown - Discography - 320kbps Bitrate

Arthur Brown

One of the most electrifying one-shot artists of the '60s, British singer Arthur Brown briefly set the charts alight in 1968, as well as thrilling audiences with his theatrical performances, which saw him wearing helmets of fire and outlandish costumes. His debut album was surely one of the most left-field commercial successes of the late '60s, if not of rock history. In addition to topping the British charts (and reaching number two in the U.S.) with his brilliantly demonic single "Fire," the self-proclaimed god of hellfire actually scored a Top Ten LP with his 1968 debut. Unveiling Brown's demented, fire-obsessed lyrical visions and swooping, theatrical vocals, it showcased his band's manic, agitated psychedelic sound, which was anchored by incendiary drumming, Pete Townshend's production, and an organist who could be best described as Jimmy Smith on acid. Brown's original band broke up in early 1969; in the early '70s he released several albums with Kingdom Come, which saw him pursuing a maddeningly obscure and less exciting brand of art rock. He recorded off and on after, with an additional flash of fame springing from his role as a priest in the film Tommy.


AussieRock said...

Sorry to say, but your post for their 1972 Journey album is not correct

Not sure which album it is, but it certainly isn't their classic Journey album (ie. has Time Captives / Gypsy

thanks anyhow

Ozzieguy said...

Hi mate
Gee you are right, obviously my age[85] is showing as I cannot remember what album it is but I do have Journey here in my CD collection somewhere.

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Victor said...

Thanks old timer, happy holidays, good times.

Ozzieguy said...

Thank you Victor, Merry Christmas.