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Armik - Discography

Armik - Discography

New flamenco guitarist Armik displayed an interest in and passion for music while still a young child. When he was just seven years old, he pawned his watch for a classical guitar, which he hid and practiced on in the basement. Formal music lessons followed and Armik completed the Rudolph Solphege program in two years; at 12, he was a professional recording artist. While his early career focused mostly on jazz, Armik discovered the beauty and passion of flamenco while visiting and studying in Spain during the '70s. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue this new direction, playing with other artists live and in the studio.

Rain DancerBy 1994 he released his solo debut album, Rain Dancer, a critical and commercial success that he followed with 1995's Gypsy Flame. At this point, Armik's reputation as a performer and student of flamenco was such that expert Spanish luthier Pedro Maldonado created an instrument for him, the Rubia; Armik's 1996 album was recorded with and named after it. The following year saw the release of Malaga, and his fifth album, Isla del Sol, appeared in 1999, followed by Rosas del Amor in the spring of 2001. Released in 2002, Lost in Paradise showed him making a sensual and elegant album that offered a different take on his traditional flamenco.

1994 - Rain Dancer

1995 - Gypsy Flame

1996 - Rubia

1997 - Malaga

1997 - Souvenir

1999 - Isla del Sol

2001 - MTV History

2001 - Rosas del Amor

2002 - Lost in Paradise

2003 - Amor de Guitarra

2003 - The Best of Armik

2004 - Cafe Romantico

2004 - Piano Nights

2004 - Romantic Dreams

2004 - Treasures

2005 - Mar de Suenos

2006 - Christmas Wishes

2006 - Desires. Romantic Collection

2006 - Mi Pasion

2007 - A Day in Brazil

2007 - Guitarrista

2008 - Barcelona

2008 - Fuego Gitana. The Nuevo Flamenco Collection

2008 - Greatest Hits

2009 - Serenata

2010 - Besos

2012 - Casa de Amo