Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Fourmost - Discography

The Fourmost

The Fourmost were originally known as the Blue Jays, then the Four Jays, and then the Four Mosts, before taking on the name under which they finally succeeded. Lead guitarist and singer Brian O'Hara (b. Liverpool, Mar. 12, 1942) and rhythm guitarist and singer Mike Millward (b. Bromborough, Cheshire, May 9, 1942) had a pleasing attack on their instruments and sang well enough, even harmonizing well, and with bassist/singer Billy Hatton (b. Liverpool, June 9, 1941) and drummer (and sometime singer) Dave Lovelady (b. Liverpool, Oct. 16, 1942), the Fourmost were one of the better combos working Liverpool in the early '60s. They could rock hard, with a crisp guitar sound and vocals that wailed convincingly, and Hatton's bass work had a nicely melodic sound -- the group lacked the distinctiveness of Gerry & the Pacemakers at their best, but were never as sappily sentimental as their major sub-Beatles Liverpool rivals could get, and had a livelier, leaner, and more refined sound than such competitors as the Swinging Blue Jeans.


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