Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Chad and Jeremy - Discography - 320kbps Bitrate

Chad and Jeremy

Of the many British Invasion acts that stormed the charts in the wake of the Beatles, Chad & Jeremy possessed a subtlety and sophistication unmatched among their contemporaries, essentially creating the template for the kind of lush, sensitive folk-pop embraced by followers from Nick Drake to Belle & Sebastian. Chad Stuart (born in Windemere, England, on December 10, 1941) and Jeremy Clyde (born March 22, 1941, in Buckinghamshire, England) met while attending London's Central School of Speech and Drama. The two became fast friends, and after Stuart taught Clyde to play guitar, they formed a folk duo as well as a rock & roll group, the Jerks. Because he graduated a year ahead of his bandmates, Clyde relocated to Scotland and performed with the Dundee Repertory Theatre.


rintesh said...

Couldn't find the password to unlock the links. Can you help? Thanks.

Ozzieguy said...

Hello rintesh
All fixed, I hope that you enjoy the great music.

rev.b said...

Hi Ozzieguy, Hope you're doing well. Thanks for all these great albums. But you’re missing one of their best releases, their ‘Sgt.Pepper’ as it were! Here it is, with bonus tracks if it’s missing from your collection:

Chad & Jeremy - The Ark (Columbia, 1968)

Ozzieguy said...

Hello Rev.b
Yes thanks am doing a lot better that I was.
And many many thanks for your link, I did have the album however it got damaged when we moved house many years ago.
I shall place it with my discography.
Many thanks again my friend.
Best Wishes

rintesh said...

Thank you so much, Ozzieguy. I discovered this long forgotten duo very recently and enjoying their music. Great blog you have made!

Kim Clark said...

Thank you again for your musical generosity. I had forgotten how much I like Chad & Jeremy until I scanned through these lps. I'm looking forward to diving in!

Anonymous said...

It would be a real coup if you could somehow add Chad & Jeremy's Merry Christmas From Sun Valley to this already impressive list.

Ozzieguy said...

Sorry, I do not have that album, so I cannot share it.