Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Searchers - Discography - 320kbps - Bitrate

The Searchers

Hailing from Liverpool, England, the Searchers were one of the many bands on the Merseybeat scene that enjoyed international fame in the wake of the Beatles' breakthrough in the early '60s. The group's trademark sound was bright, tuneful pop with ringing 12-string guitars and strong harmony vocals which gave even their covers of American R&B hits a touch of sweetness that made them hard to resist. The Searchers were also one of the most enduring Merseybeat acts, forming in the late '50s and continuing on into the 2010s, with guitarist John McNally a constant presence throughout their history, and bassist Frank Allen by his side from 1964 onward. Early hits such as "Sugar and Spice," "Needles and Pins," "Love Potion Number Nine," "When You Walk In The Room," and "What Have They Done To The Rain" defined the group's approach, and they rarely strayed from it, still sounding fresh on 1972's Second Take and falling in with the power pop bands they influenced on 1979's The Searchers and 1981's Love's Melodies. And while the group's bread and butter from the late '60s onward was live work, the band's professionalism and commitment to their music helped them remain a viable attraction decades after their success on the sales charts had faded.

1963 - Sweets For My Sweet (Live At The Star-Club, Hamburg)

1974. Needles & Pins

1975 - Pop Chronik

2003 - 40th Anniversary Collection

2003 - The Collection

2004 - BBC Sessions
2004 - The Definitive PYE Collection

2012 - Hearts In Their Eyes. Celebrating 50 Years Of Harmony & Jangle
CD01 - CD02 - CD03 - CD04


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Some cracking stuff there Ozzieguy. Thank you.

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Thanks for the Searchers. Always good to hear the British Invasion groups.

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They have great music that is for sure. And thanks for your post and knowing that you enjoy what I place on my blog.
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You are very welcome oldfan, another great group will be renewed here today. [The Turtles].
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The "Hearts In Their Eyes" 4CD set looks unbelievable ..

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Hello rockindoc,
Yes it is a great set.
Also a great band.

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Recent report that The Searchers will re-form in 2023 to do a UK tour - apparently without their most recent drummer (Scott Otaway) - both John and Frank will be in their 80s!!!

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Wow how awesome, gee I would love to join them.