Saturday, April 3, 2021

Del Shannon [RIP] - Discography - 320kbps

Del Shannon

One of the best and most original rockers of the early '60s, Del Shannon was also one of the least typical. Although classified at times as a teen idol, he favored brooding themes of abandonment, loss, and rejection. In some respects he looked forward to the British Invasion with his frequent use of minor chords and his ability to write most of his own material. In fact, Shannon was able to keep going strong for a year or two into the British Invasion, and never stopped trying to play original music, though his commercial prospects pretty much died after the mid-'60s.

He was working on another comeback album with Jeff Lynne, and sometimes rumored as a replacement for Roy Orbison in the Traveling Wilburys, when he unexpectedly killed himself on February 8, 1990, while on anti-depressant drugs.

Born: December 30, 1934  -  Died: February 8, 1990

CD01 - CD02

2004 - Home and Away
CD1CD2 - CD3 - CD4 - CD5 - CD6 - CD7 - CD8

The Complete UK Singles (And More) 1961-1966
CD01 - CD02

Complete Career Anthology


Anonymous said...

Del Shannon needs reup. Runaway is his best hit. Thanks

Ozzieguy said...

Sorry and yes I know as they were taken down by dmca money grabbers.
Please come back again as I plan to make changes.


Tom said...

Hello OzzieGuy, what a great great collection of Del Shannon albums; the best I have seen.
Sad is, it is very difficult to download the albums.1fichier for downloading is
a problem.You can only one album download and must wait some hours for the next.Premium for using 1fichier for one time is not good.So many albums of Del Shannon nobody can share.It is sad.
Perhaps you can make new Download buttoms with MEGA or Mediafire That would be great.
Keep your health!! Thanks for your perfect side and many discographie, so I can learn a lot about my favourites of the Sixties Thomas

Ozzieguy said...

Hello Tom
Thank you for your comments, much appreciated.
I have used 1F due to my Mega links being deleted, the easy way for you to download is by purchasing from Real Debrid. Here is my link, when you purchase with that link it helps me also. Also Tom, it is very very cheap to buy.

Paul Redbeard said...

Thanks very much for the much missed Del cds.
Best wishes

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Great to get "Sings Hank Williams"!
I only had this on cassette.
Where did all that music on the "Home and Away" comp. come from?
Some I never heard of, and I've tons of Del.

Ozzieguy said...

Thank you Paul

Ozzieguy said...

Hi Rev
The Home and Away compilation I purchased several years ago when I saw it advertised online.
Hope that you enjoy it as much as I have from a great artist.

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Back again, downloading much of the giant "Home and Away" set. Lots of stuff that never showed up anywhere else. Knocked out! Great work.
A big Del fan beginning to end.

Ozzieguy said...

Welcome back Rev.
Yes apparently I seem to have purchased lots of stuff that other people have never heard of :-))
Anyway, enjoy Del, he is great to listen to.

vic said...

I bought debrid drag the links but how do i download the links

Aussie said...

Ozzieguy thank you so very much 4 Del Shannon great upload again tks mate from Aussie

Ozzieguy said...

Hi Aussie
Very welcome mate, I actually found several other CDs in my store room in my garage and shared them.
Glad you enjoy his great music also.