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Crispian St Peters - Discography

Crispian St Peters Discography

Born: April 5, 1939 - Passed Away: June 8, 2010
Born Robin Peter Smith on April 5, 1939 in Swanley, Kent, England, he'd been a member of a trio called the Beat Formula Three in the early '60s when manager Dave Nicolson pegged him for stardom, with a new name, Crispian St. Peters, and a new folk-rock sound. His first two singles, an uptempo, harmonium-driven ballad called "At This Moment," and the loud, retro-sounding love song "No No No," failed to attract any attention from the public or the press. Then he covered the Sylvia Fricker-authored "You Were on My Mind," which the quintet We Five had picked up from Ian & Sylvia and turned into a hit in America -- his version, slightly more subdued and brooding (his phrasing of the song's opening line was almost Elvis-like), was issued very hurriedly late in 1965 and languished for a time. Gradually, however, it took hold in England and eventually made the British Top Ten in mid-1966.
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